WhatsApp vs Viber Comparison! Which is a Best Messaging Service?

Nowadays, they trend of chatting and messaging are changeable from amicable media’s to cross-platform present messaging Smartphone applications. The vital reason for such a change is that such cross-platform applications are most easier and accessible to use, and does not need a out-of-date signing in procedure.

Among a cross-platform messengers, WhatsApp and Viber are rather winning and is desired and used by lots of people around a globe. And we competence be confused in selecting one to bond with your friends and family. To keep divided such tensions, currently we will be comparing a dual hottest cross-platform applications accessible today, i.e., WhatsApp and Viber !

WhatsApp vs Viber 300x300 WhatsApp vs Viber Comparison! Which is a Best Messaging Service?

WhatsApp :

WhatsApp is a renouned cross-platform present messaging focus that is accessible on all vital mobile phone handling systems, like a Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone and a Symbian handling systems.

This follower complement was found by Brian Acton and Jan Koum on 2009. Since afterwards this focus has witnessed a fast boost in a series of users and messages sent. WhatsApp has above a 100 Million active users and an normal of 10 billion messages are sent any day. Apart from present content messaging, WhatsApp users can also videos, photos and audio files to any other.

WhatsApp messaging WhatsApp vs Viber Comparison! Which is a Best Messaging Service?

WhatsApp follower is ideal for texting because, one’s we download a application, we can send present messages to people in your hit list, irrespective of their mobile handling complement or where they are located.

Similar to a Blackberry messenger, we can also send organisation messages to everybody in your hit list regulating a Broadcast Message feature.

The WhatsApp focus is giveaway to download for Android, Symbian and Windows Phone users since Ios users need to compensate a price of 99 cents per year.

Overall, a WhatsApp focus is really identical to other cross-platform present messaging applications. But in fact, WhatsApp does gives we some additional facilities like total content messages etc.

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Viber :

Well, a categorical disproportion of Viber from WhatsApp is that we can not usually content your friends though also make voice calls to them regulating a Viber application.

The focus uses your mobile information devise to make calls and for present messaging too. This focus too uses your phone’s hit list to automatically supplement other Viber users to your Viber hit list.

Viber follower WhatsApp vs Viber Comparison! Which is a Best Messaging Service?

This focus is ideal when we have friends vital abroad. Because it usually uses your mobile information devise to make calls rather than a normal network charges. Which is most cheaper. However, distinct WhatsApp, we can use Viber for giveaway if we are joining around a WiFi network.

Unlike a WhatsApp application, Viber is giveaway for all mobile handling systems including iOS.

WhatsApp vs Viber comparison table:

WhatsApp vs Viber ? Which is better?

Choosing between WhatsApp and Viber depends on you.

If we cite texting, pity music, audio, video etc., we can go with WhatsApp.

But if we cite voice calls over texting, afterwards Viber is best.

What creates Viber a improved welfare is that we can use a focus for giveaway if we are regulating a WiFi network. Also Viber has voice job capabilities that WhatsApp lacks for now. Also, as Viber depends on your internet tie rather than mobile network, it is most preferable.

Whereas, WhatsApp has some lead when it comes to pity files. You can’t share video or audio files regulating Viber. Also, WhatsApp allows we to send total content messages once we allow to a same.

One common problem for both a applications is that we can usually use these applications if a people in your hit list have a same application. Which means, we can’t use WhatsApp or Viber to content or call someone who doesn’t use a same application.

Choosing between these applications mostly depends on your needs.

I wish this WhatsApp vs Viber comparison essay has helped we select between WhatsApp and Viber.


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