Protect your phone and personal contentment with this jolt gun iPhone case

Software like Find My Phone will assistance we locate a stolen phone, and a formidable cue will deter hooligans from perplexing to take a information kept within. However, it’d positively be improved to strengthen your phone from removing stolen in a initial place, rather than carrying to take precautions for after it has already been released from your possession. You can maybe bulk adult and wear tank tops in an try to inhibit intensity phone pilferers, or we can only hang your iPhone inside this weaponized box that facilities a operative jolt gun.

Dubbed a Yellow Jacket and saved by Indiegogo, a box will cost a large $139, though to be fair, it’s an actual jolt gun that can siphon out 650,000 volts. While it competence during initial seem extreme to encase your phone in a weapon, it indeed creates a bit of sense. Since this is a year 2013, you’re expected regulating your phone in some approach in only about any unfolding where you’re some-more expected to get mugged — listening to song on a prolonged travel home, or throwing adult on your Pocket or Instapaper repository while watchful for a sight or train. In a mugging situation, we competence have to put your phone down and strech for your apart jolt gun. However, if a gun was a partial of a device that was already in your hand, that increases a odds of indeed removing a possibility to urge yourself with it.

Currently, a Yellow Jacket comes in black, pink, white, and yellow colors, and fits a iPhone 4 and 4S. New colors, as good as iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 cases are also on a way, and are accessible for pre-order by the company’s website. They do run rather pricey during $139 only for a 650,000 volt jolt gun — deliberation we can squeeze a 12 million volt jolt gun off Amazon for around $10 — though again, a preference of it already being in your palm competence indeed save a day.

If you’re into a Yellow Jacket and wish to squeeze one, make certain we demeanour adult a laws where we live, as certain areas do not assent them.

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