Feedly raises $500,000 in 8 hours offered RSS reader subscriptions

The Feedly RSS use lifted half a million dollars Monday, pulling in an normal of some-more than $62,000 in subscriptions any hour over an eight-hour span.

Two days ago, Feedly kicked off a paid version of a RSS use by charity $99.99 lifetime subscriptions to a initial 5,000 customers.

Later in a day, Edwin Khodabakchian, CEO and co-founder of DevHD — a association behind Feedly—said that a 5,000 accounts had been snapped adult in 8 hours. The sum to Feedly: roughly $500,000.

“The supports from this early book are going to assistance us acquire a hardware indispensable to open Feedly Pro to everyone,” pronounced Khodabakchian in a blog post.

Feedly became one of a many renouned alternatives to Google’s Reader after a hunt hulk announced in Mar that it was abandoning a RSS service that had powered not usually a Web-based module though also probably all third-party RSS software. Since March, Feedly has combined an API (application programming interface) of a possess that mimicked Google’s, beefed adult a hardware infrastructure and for a paid version, built a hunt functionality from scratch.

Search was touted as one of a biggest offered points of Feedly Pro, that will shortly open for subscribers who missed a lifetime deal. Feedly Pro will cost $5 per month or $45 annually.

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The giveaway chronicle of a use will sojourn in place, and new facilities will be combined to it, Feedly has promised. First on a list: HTTPS support, another of a Pro-only facilities for a moment.

When Google pulled a Reader plug, it cited disappearing use. Long-time users, however, complained loudly, to a indicate of rising several online petitions pleading for Reader’s life. One of a initial petitions eventually collected some-more than 150,000 signatures.

To no avail.

Money for nothing?


At a time of Google’s announcement—and as users scrambled for alternatives before a Jul 1, 2013, kill date—pundits opined that giveaway services were ephemeral, and like Google’s Reader, could simply be orphaned or killed. Instead, they urged users to compensate for a online use they needed.

That wasn’t a tinge of a comments appended to Khodabakchian’s blog post.

While some bemoaned their tardiness in jumping on a lifetime offer, distant some-more pronounced that Feedly Pro’s designed prices were too high, deliberation what they paid for other services.

“I would have paid $1 a month for it, though $5 is approach above my threshold,” pronounced someone identified as “albeec13″ on Monday. “I compensate $7 for Netflix, for example, and it has distant some-more to offer than a news reader.”

“Nice to have Pro chronicle though $5 per month look[s] too expensive,” echoed Lucas Janin. “$5 is what we compensate for total backup of my mechanism … if it was cheaper, like $2 [per month], we will get most some-more subscribers.”

Replying to those business and others, Khodabakchian urged them to continue regulating a giveaway chronicle and recur in a future. “Hopefully, over time, we can supplement adequate value to your Feedly knowledge that $5 [per month] becomes acceptable,” he wrote Monday.

Khodabakchian co-founded DevHD with Cyril Moutran in 2006, and they launched Feedly in 2008. Before that, Khodabakchian worked during Oracle as a clamp boss of product development, according to his LinkedIn profile. For 4 years in a late 1990s, he was a program designer during Netscape, a foregoer to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Moutran also worked during Netscape as a program operative during a same period.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2046110/feedly-raises-500-000-in-8-hours-selling-rss-reader-subscriptions.html#tk.rss_all