[Mac OS X] Kitabu offers a desktop ePub reader with a good interface

screen800x500There are a ton of opposite options for people who wish to review ePub and ebooks on their Mac. If you’re looking for something that isn’t trustworthy to a singular format, a lot of people opt for Calibre in my experience. But Calibre isn’t always to everyone’s taste, including my possess taste. The app is plain enough, though we spasmodic find myself undone by a interface. In my hunt for a new desktop ePub reader for my Mac, we motionless to check out an app with a familiar name of Kitabu.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Kitabu is a Mac app. You can use it to review your ePub book files on your desktop. It has a drag and dump interface. It also plays audio and video files.


  • Interface is most some-more streamlined and reduction bustling than allied apps like Calibre
  • Plays audio and video, in further to displaying text
  • Simple drag and dump functionality: Just drag a ePub record on tip of a Kitabu wharf idol or window
  • Book can be displayed in one, dual or 3 panes
  • Easily change rise size, type, and tone to revoke eye strain
  • Use slider during a bottom of a shade to fast flip retrograde or forwards in a comparison text


  • App store outline says this app will play audio and video, though we couldn’t get it to do so. Possibly due to miss of scold audiobook formats?
  • Doesn’t seem to be a approach to set bookmarks or explain a content in any way
  • Text would spasmodic hang in a uncanny approach in single-column view, with a side of another mainstay done manifest along a left-hand margin


screen800x5003To explain what we like about Kitabu, it competence be easier to start by describing what we dislike about my stream ePub reader, Calibre. Calibre is not a bad app: flattering most everybody we know uses it for their eReading needs and is happy with it. For my possess personal taste, however, we find a interface to be cluttered and confusing.

Kitabu, on a other hand, is refreshingly minimal. Some people competence disagree that this app is a bit too minimal. For example, there doesn’t seem to be a approach to set a bookmark in your text. This isn’t a outrageous problem for me: we tend to review books in one sitting anyway, or only leave a app open in a meantime.

Kitabu lets we collect flattering most any rise you’d like. Display colors, however, are singular to black, white, and sepia. There is also a slider to assistance we collect a right distance font. You can perspective content as one, two, or 3 columns, and adjust a distance of a arrangement shade to flattering most any dimension you’d like. It’s got a minimal volume of indispensable customization, while still staying minimalist.

Conclusion and download link

For my possess personal tastes, Kitabu is most improved than Calibre. True, Calibre is some-more feature-rich. But what we wish in an ePub reader is a really elementary interface, with a smallest series of icons and distractions. Kitabu’s drag and dump interface is a dream, and we like a app overall. If we feel yourself to be further in need of a some-more unclothed skeleton form of ePub reader, give Kitabu a try. It will be replacing Calibre for me from now on.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.7

Supported OS: OS X 10.6 or later

Download size: 1.9 MB

Kitabu on Mac App Store

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