VMware releases Fusion 6 to support OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1

For years now, we’ve been examination an ongoing tit-for-tat conflict between VMware and Parallels. Both companies make virtualization apps—VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop—which let we run Windows (and other doing systems) on your Mac. Every year or so, a dual companies recover new versions of their apps, any perplexing to one-up a other. VMware has usually dismissed a storm for 2013, releasing chronicle 6 of a Fusion and Fusion Professional virtualization apps.

Given that VMware Fusion is all about using other doing systems on a Mac, it’s not startling that a new recover focuses on harmony with a latest versions of OS X and Windows.

Fusion 6 is designed privately to take advantage of new facilities in OS X Mavericks, including a polished doing of full-screen apps. (Running a Windows practical appurtenance full-screen on one display, while still using your OS X apps exclusively on another, is an appealing prospect.) Fusion 6 can also move Mavericks’ extended dictation support to Windows apps.

Fusion 6 is also prepared to support Windows 8.1 (which ships in mid-October) as one of a other OSes it’ll run on your Mac. As with progressing versions of Fusion and Windows, you’ll be means to run apps from a Windows Store possibly corresponding with your Mac apps (with their possess icons in a wharf and everything) or all together in a singular “Windows” window.

Like prior versions, Fusion 6 can run your Windows apps side by side with your Mac software, or removed in a singular Windows window of their own.

VMware says it’s also optimized Fusion 6 for some of a latest and arriving Mac hardware. It provides improved support for using Windows on Retina displays, and takes caring of small things like revelation Windows to stop perplexing to defrag a tough expostulate when your Mac has an SSD. It can work with most some-more strong hardware than before, including systems with 16 practical CPUs, 64GB of RAM, and 8TB of hoop storage. (Can’t suppose why.)

The Professional chronicle of Fusion 6 adds some facilities that usually an IT executive could love—the ability to conclude restrictions for practical machines (so users can’t do dangerous things to settings, for example), some-more fit cloning (so we can emanate mixed practical machines but wasting so most hoop space), and a like.

VMware Fusion 6 will cost $60, while a Professional chronicle will run $130. If you’re upgrading from Fusion 4 or 5, we can get a new versions of $50 or $70 respectively. There’s also a giveaway 30-day hearing accessible for both.

Article source: http://www.macworld.com/article/2048089/vmware-releases-fusion-6-to-support-os-x-mavericks-windows-8-1.html#tk.rss_all