[Windows] Best giveaway DVD and Blu-ray ripper (aka decrypter) [2nd Edition]

Watching cinema is a vast partial of several of a lives and so many of us have amassed utterly a bit of DVDs and Blu-rays (BDs) over a years. However, a vast DVD/BD collection take adult a vast volume of earthy space and constantly doing and personification with them can lead to damage, that can infrequently impact a tangible playback of movies. In addition, we might wish to play a movie(s)/videos(s) on a device that doesn’t have a DVD/BD drive, such as a smartphone. For this reason, a good DVD/BD ripper can be utterly accessible as a means of subsidy adult your altered earthy video/movie library to your tough expostulate or elsewhere and as a approach to modify your cinema into a format playable on other devices.

That is given we have looked during and reviewed giveaway DVD/Blu-ray rippers for Windows and listed them here for you. Enjoy!

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Take note we evaluated and ranked a DVD/Blu-ray rippers in this examination formed on 3 categorical criteria:

  • Can it bypass DRM insurance and segment locks, and that forms of DRM insurance can be bypassed
  • Does it rip/backup to DVD/BD folder and/or ISO
  • Does it rip/convert to other video formats

Of march other aspects also played their part, such as conversion/ripping quality, speed, etc. though these 3 criteria are a categorical differentiators.

Out of these 3 criteria, a initial one is a many critical given many DVDs/BDs are stable with DRM/encryption and if a DVD/BD ripper can't bypass that DRM, it is a invalid ripper.

The second many critical criteria is can a ripper rip/backup to DVD/BD folder and/or ISO. This is some-more critical than being means to slice to other video formats given it creates versatility. Ripping to DVD/BD folder and/or ISO means your DVD/BD are loselessly corroborated adult — not usually can we watch them on your mechanism though detriment of peculiarity though we an simply reburn them to a front in a future, if needed. You can also afterwards chuck a DVD/BD folder or ISO into a free video converter that will concede we to modify that DVD/BD folder or ISO into a opposite video format that can be noticed on other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The ability to rip/convert DVD/BD to other video formats is critical in a DVD/BD ripper though it isn’t as critical as a other criteria because, as we usually mentioned, a accessibility of freeware video converters nullifies a need for a DVD/BD ripper to have DVD/BD-to-other-video-format acclimatisation capability built directly into a program. As prolonged a DVD/BD ripper can bypass DRM and rip/backup to DVD/BD folder or ISO, we are golden.

That said, let’s begin.

Disclaimer: You are authorised to use a module mentioned in this examination usually within a laws of your country/region. dotTech and a staff will not be obliged for any bootleg behavior.

Table of Contents [DVDFab HD Decrypter vs BDlot DVD ISO Master vs WinX DVD Ripper vs Format Factory vs BitRipper vs HandBrake]

  • Best Free DVD and Blu-ray Ripper
  • Runner Up
  • Honorable Mention 1
  • Honorable Mention 2
  • Honorable Mention 3
  • Honorable Mention 4
  • Other Alternatives

Best Free DVD and Blu-ray Ripper

DVDFabProgram Name: DVDFab HD Decrypter

Developer: Fengtao Software

Download Size: 43.9MB

Version Reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP


  • Easily slice DVDs, Blu-rays, and HD-DVDs
  • Bypasses DRM protection
    • Can bypass CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS (DVD) and AACS, RC, UOPS and BD-Live (Blu-ray) DRM protection. This means we will be means to rip/copy *most* DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs though not all.
  • Removes segment locks
  • Stores a ripped discs in their strange DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD format (rips/backs adult to DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD folder), permitting for easy lossless reburning
  • Gives users a choice of duplicating a whole front or usually a film (and so not duplicating a pre-movie ads or extras)


  • Doesn’t modify DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs to other video formats
  • Cannot slice DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD to ISO
  • DVDFab HD Decrypter is not a standalone program. It comes as a partial of DVDFab, a shareware program. DVDFab HD Decrypter itself is freeware and will always be openly accessible though DVDFab is not. So radically we contingency implement a shareware module in sequence to use a freeware component.
  • Cannot be used as a apparatus to mislay DRM insurance from DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs already stored in a folder on your mechanism — will usually slice DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs from tangible discs, not DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD folder or ISO


DVDFab HD Decrypter is a module that allows we to slice DVDs, Blu-rays, and HD-DVDs. It bypasses “all famous DVD protections” and “part of Blu-ray protections” definition we can slice DRM-protected calm with DVDFab HD Decrypter.

DVDFab HD Decrypter rips your discs and stores them in their particular DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD formats on your mechanism (aka DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD folder) — it doesn’t modify a cinema to other video formats. Essentially, DVDFab HD Decrypter allows we to duplicate your discs to your tough expostulate and store them on your mechanism in folders.

The advantage of duplicating DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs and storing them in their strange format is, as we usually mentioned, a ability to reburn a cinema with a risk of detriment of quality. The disadvantage, however, is we won’t be means to have a DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs in a opposite video format such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, etc. The china backing is while DVDFab HD Decrypter can't modify ripped DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs to opposite video formats, there are many freeware video converters that can. So radically we can use DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip/copy your cinema afterwards use a freeware video converter to modify a copied calm to a opposite video format.

Using DVDFab HD Decrypter is not rocket scholarship — we put in your disc, customize a minimal acclimatisation settings, and let DVDFab HD Decrypter do a thing. However, there is one majorly treacherous aspect of this module — it isn’t standalone.

The biggest obstacle to DVDFab HD Decrypter is a fact that it is not a standalone program. Rather, DVDFab HD Decrypter comes bundled inside DVDFab, a shareware module that costs hundreds of dollars. To get DVDFab HD Decrypter, we have to download and implement DVDFab. The treacherous partial is DVDFab comes with a 30-day hearing so we will be means to use a whole module for 30 days, that might lead we to meditative DVDFab HD Decrypter has video converting, front burning, etc. facilities when it indeed doesn’t — DVDFab HD Decrypter can usually rip/copy DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs and zero more. After 30 days, all shareware facilities of DVDFab will be infirm until we squeeze a permit — usually DVDFab HD Decrypter will be available. So don’t be fooled.

Overall, DVDFab HD Decrypter is a good module for those that wish to rip/copy/backup DRM-protected DVDs, Blu-rays, and HD-DVDs. It is a bit treacherous that DVDFab HD Decrypter is not a standalone module though rather is a partial of shareware DVDFab, though that is a tiny emanate one can simply know and disremember once we know what a module is and what it does.

Runner Up

Program Name: BDlot DVD ISO Master

Developer: BDlot

Download Size: 2.8 MB

Version Reviewed: 3.0.2 Build on 20120208

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7


  • Allows users to simply duplicate DVD front – ISO and DVD folder – ISO
  • Is means to bypass DRM insurance and segment locks: “CSS, CPRM, CPPM, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, Rip-Guard, and Disney X protection”
  • In serve to ripping DVD to ISO, is means to mountain ISOs and can bake ISO to DVD/CD/Blu-ray disc


  • Is intensely slow. Took roughly 90 mins to duplicate my roughly 120 mins DVD.
    • Note: It is delayed given it hardly uses any CPU while copying. As per my tests, CPU use never went above 10% (single-core CPU) while BDlot DVD ISO Master was copying.
  • Is incompetent to make use of multi-cores and GPU acceleration
    • Note: This is identical to a formerly mentioned point; incompetent to make use of all CPU cores is given it is so slow
  • Does not concede users to name if they wish to duplicate categorical film usually or whole DVD (which includes categorical film and titles/credits/ads)
  • Does not have a ability to automatically close down or hibernate mechanism after ripping
  • Is incompetent to do DVD front – DVD folder or DVD front – other video formats
  • Hasn’t been updated given Feb 2012, that means it might or might not get updates in a future
    • Note: Although a module has not been updated in over a year, it still works usually excellent today. Plus DVD copying/ripping hasn’t altered many given 2012 so a module doesn’t indispensably need updates yet.


BDlot DVD ISO Master is a DVD copier/ripper that allows we to duplicate DRM-protected DVDs to ISOs. (It doesn’t support Blu-rays.)

If we are looking for a freeware fortitude to duplicate your DRM-protected DVD front to ISO, demeanour no serve than BDlot DVD ISO Master. The module is unequivocally easy to use and will have we formulating an ISO out of your DVDs in a matter of seconds. On tip of that, BDlot DVD ISO Master has built-in ISO mounter and ISO to front burner so we can simply perspective your copied DVDs on your mechanism or re-burn to front whenever we wish though detriment of quality.

Probably a best partial about BDlot DVD ISO Master is a fact that it bypasses many all forms of DRM insurance and segment locks. More specifically, according to a developer it can bypass “CSS, CPRM, CPPM, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, Rip-Guard, and Disney X protection”. That is flattering many all a vital forms of DRM insurance and segment locks, so we should be means to duplicate many DVDs we own.

The downside to BDlot DVD ISO Master is that it is intensely slow. It took me roughly 90 mins to duplicate my roughly 120 mins DVD, that includes all on a DVD (not usually a categorical movie) given BDlot DVD ISO Master does not concede we to collect usually a categorical film to copy. That is very, unequivocally slow. The biggest reason given BDlot DVD ISO Master is so delayed is that it is incompetent to make use of multi-cores and GPU acceleration. In fact, it doesn’t even make use for a full CPU on single-core CPUs, usually regulating 10% while duplicating as per my tests.

On a splendid side, regulating small CPU means we can simply multi-task while we duplicate a DVD with BDlot DVD ISO Master. However, I’m certain many people would cite to have a choice to make full use of CPU for faster burner rather than being forced to wait so prolonged for their DVD to be copied.

The other vital emanate with BDlot DVD ISO Master is it can usually do DVD front – ISO — it can't do DVD front – DVD folder or DVD front – other video formats. However, privately speaking, we feel DVD front – ISO is a best approach to duplicate DVDs. Why? Firstly, carrying a DVD in ISO format means we can perspective a DVD film on your mechanism though any detriment of peculiarity (by ascent a ISO — BDlot DVD ISO Master can mountain ISOs — and personification it with a freeware video player) or bake a ISO to a DVD front though detriment of peculiarity (BDlot DVD ISO Master itself has a built-in ISO burner or we can use a freeware CD/DVD/Blu-ray blazing program).

Secondly, once we have a DVD in ISO format, we can simply additional a DVD folder from that ISO by ascent a ISO and duplicate + pasting a essence of a ISO; BDlot DVD ISO Master itself can mountain ISOs or we can use a third-party freeware ISO mounter. You can also simply modify that DVD folder we extracted from ISO to other video formats regulating a freeware video converter.

So, yes, while BDlot DVD ISO Master can usually do DVD front – ISO, DVD front – ISO is all we unequivocally need. Once we have a DVD in ISO format, we can use other freeware collection to simply get it in other formats.

Overall, BDlot DVD ISO Master is a good DVD copier that allows we to duplicate DVD front to ISO and bypasses roughly all DRM insurance and segment locks. Sure it is unequivocally delayed though this is one of a usually freeware DVD copiers/rippers we have used that do DVD – ISO and bypass roughly all DRM insurance and segment locks. So BDlot DVD ISO Master gets a recommendation from dotTech; squeeze it if we wish or need it.

Honorable Mention 1

WinxProgram Name: WinX DVD Ripper

Developer: Digiarty Software

Download Size: 10.3MB

Version Reviewed: 5.5.13

Requires: Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


WinX DVD Ripper is a absolute module for ripping/convert DVDs to other video formats, permitting for customization of your rips as good as approach acclimatisation to many renouned formats. (It doesn’t work with Blu-rays.)

Using WinX DVD Ripper is sincerely straightforward. After selecting presumably we are doing a acclimatisation directly from a DVD hoop or from a folders copied directly from a DVD and selecting an outlay folder we can get to a business of ripping. WinX DVD also gives we a choice of previewing a video(s) we are operative with. The formats accessible for users to slice their DVDs to are as follows:

  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • iPod
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone
  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • PSP
  • MP3

Unlike DVDFab HD Decrypter, we do not have a ability to slice a DVD folder of a DVD directly to your mechanism with WinX DVD Ripper nor can we slice to ISO. You do have a ability to bypass a following DRM protections however:

  • CSS
  • RCE
  • UOP
  • Sony ARccOS
  • APS

Please note that we will not be means to bypass a latest Disney X-project DRM.

Users can also tweak settings such as audio peculiarity and video resolution. WinX DVD Ripper like a reflection DVDFab HD Decrypter is also means of decrypting a infancy of encryption formats out there. It also bypasses segment locks.

Although approach acclimatisation to mixed formats is desirable, WinX DVD does not concede for ripping a DVD folder and a essence directly to your mechanism or for ripping to a ISO folder. Regardless, this module is absolute and will prove a needs of many users.

Honorable Mention 2

FormatFactoryProgram Name: Format Factory

Developer: Free Time

Download Size: 50.2MB

Version Reviewed: 3.11

Requires: Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008


Format Factory is multi-featured and allows we to modify DVDs (but not Blu-rays) presumably to a video format of your choice or to and ISO file.

Simply strike DVD to Video File or DVD/CD to ISO/CSO and we are already good on your way. After we have extrinsic a DVD of your choice, name as your source and name a choice that suits we best. If we are converting to a video file, a formats accessible for acclimatisation to are as follows:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • RMVB
  • WMV
  • 3GP
  • MPG
  • VOB
  • FLV

Please note that Format Factory does not offer a choice of ripping to DVD VIDEO_TS folder.

Format Factory supports a bypassing of a following forms of DRM protection:

  • UOP
  • CSS
  • Macrovision

You can also adjust a video and audio outlay settings. Converting to an ISO is even some-more straightforward; after we have comparison a extrinsic DVD as your source and an outlay folder we simply need to strike convert and afterwards start on a categorical shade and that’s it!

Format Factory unequivocally does make a business of ripping DVDs a zephyr though it is singular in that it isn’t means to bypass as many encryption methods as WinX DVD Ripper or DVDFab HD Decrypter. It can however bypass segment thatch and it is still a absolute contender that should not be underestimated.

Honorable Mention 3

bitripper2Program Name: BitRipper

Developer: Binotex

Download Size: 1.15MB

Version Reviewed: 1.31

Requires: Windows All


BitRipper is a candid module means of bypassing a few encryption methods on your DVDs (it doesn’t support Blu-rays).

Simply name your DVD expostulate and an outlay folder and mention your outlay settings and that is overtly it. This is presumably a easiest module out of a lot to start using. The following video codecs are accessible to name from in settings:

  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Intel IYUV Codec
  • Cinepak Codek by Radius
  • Divx 6.9.2 Codec
  • Xvid mpeg-4 Codec
  • Uncompressed Video

Aspect ratio and fortitude can afterwards be specified as good as bitrate and other modernized options.

The audio codec used can also be specified and a following are accessible to name from:

  • Ogg Vorbis Audio Codec
  • Microsoft ADPCM Codec
  • Microsoft CCITT G.177 A-Law and u-Law Codec
  • Microsoft IMA ADPCM Codec
  • Uncompressed Audio

Bitripper offers users a advantage of not requiring gigabytes of space to duplicate all DVD calm to a tough expostulate before converting to AVI or MPEG given it translates video on-the-fly, duplicating information and essay it to AVI or MPEG record during a same time.

Bitripper is means of decrypting CSS and CPPM stable DVDs. It will not be means to mislay segment thatch however.

Bitripper is elementary and effective though we won’t be means to slice to VIDEO_TS folder and a essence directly to your tough expostulate or to an ISO record and we will be singular to be means to bypass usually a few encryption methods.

Honorable Mention 4

HandbrakeProgram Name: Handbrake

Developer: The Handbrake Team

Download Size: 13.2MB

Version Reviewed: 0.9.9-1

Requires: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Handbrake is lightweight usually in terms of a download size. It is means of ripping DVDs and Blu-rays and converting them directly to a far-reaching operation of formats with small hassle.

To use Handbrake, simply insert a DVD/BD and name it as a source, name a end for a ripped record and afterwards name from a acclimatisation presets available. You can also name that chapters of a DVD/BD we wish to rip. The presets accessible are as follows:

  • Universal
  • iPod
  • iPhone iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • AppleTv
  • AppleTv2
  • AppleTv3
  • Android
  • Android Tablet

A normal or high peculiarity acclimatisation can also be specified.

Handbrake usually supports a decryption of CSS stable DVDs and is not means of stealing segment locks. (And we need to download VLC in sequence to bypass CSS DRM — Handbrake doesn’t do it on a own.) It also does not support a ripping to DVD/BD VIDEO_TS folder or ripping to an ISO file.

Where Handbrake falls down is that it is singular in a volume of insurance methods it can crack. However it will of march work good for unencrypted DVDs/BDs. Despite a limitations, Handbrake is both lightweight and has mixed facilities that still creates it fascinating as a DVD/BD ripper to have in your arsenal.

Other Alternatives

Originally published on Sep 9, 2013. Updated on Sep 20, 2013 to embody BDlot DVD ISO Master.

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