[Windows] Organize e-books into an e-library with Alfa Ebooks Manager

Alfa Ebooks ManagerWhether you’re a bibliophile or not, it is still really critical for we to scrupulously classify your books and e-books. You need to arrange them out in a approach that they’re easier to locate. It’s usually that it takes a lot of time to emanate those label catalogues and if we are not a committed type, you’d be some-more than blissful to demeanour for an easier option. Well, given we’re now vital in a complicated era, there are already a lot of giveaway collection that we can use to classify your books. One good instance is this giveaway paper book and e-book government module called Alfa Ebooks Manager.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

What is Alfa Ebooks Manager? It is fundamentally a giveaway module for Windows that allows we to classify your paper books and digital books (e-books) into a e-library. Just consider of it like you’re gripping a digital book catalog wherein we can simply crop for a sold book or e-book. So instead of formulating those normal index cards, we can simply encode or refurbish your e-library regulating your computer.


  • Contemporary UI design, neat and responsive
  • The giveaway chronicle is good for users who are generally collecting a lot of paper books
  • You can simply conduct and classify your books and e-books in usually one place
  • Allows we to arrange out your books by regulating mixed parameters – we can hunt by author, title, tags, ISBN, genre, publisher, tags, etc.
  • Supports mixed e-book formats – PDF, MOBI, MP3, FB2, LRF, EPUB, DJVU, TXT, CHM, HTML, etc.
  • Features 4 elementary observation modes – list view, list view, thumbnail view, wall view
  • Allows we to revise or refurbish your book’s sum including a description, tags, rating, front cover and behind cover
  • You can set a module to automatically bucket your e-book record from your computer. Just double-click a book that we like to review and it will now bucket your book regulating your elite e-book or PDF reader.
  • Provides a discerning hunt tool, we can also perspective your books in 3D
  • Allows we to pierce your e-books between your PC and your e-book reader – this means that we can simply entrance a e-books that you’ve stored on your e-Reader or tablet
  • There is no extent to a series of books that we can upload
  • You can import/export your e-library calm (import from CSV/export to XML, Text, CSV or HTML)
  • Supports mixed languages such as English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, etc.


  • The giveaway chronicle has a lot of stipulations that creates it formidable to use generally if we have a lot of e-books. This is given many of a operations should be finished manually and we can't automatically refurbish your book’s information label (aka “book card”) regulating a information that you’ve taken from a web. If we wish to entrance a reward features, afterwards we need to ascent to a Lite or Pro versions by profitable $19.95 and $39.95 respectively.
  • Does not concede we to directly insert a integrate or URL to cloud-based e-books
  • Restricted web entrance – this means that we can use a web to hunt for any associated information though we can't directly import those sum to your e-library (ex. updating your book’s front/back cover or default thumbnail around picture search)


Alfa Ebooks Manager List ViewThe Alfa Ebooks Manager is a really arguable module generally if we need to classify your collection of paper books in a some-more systematic and hassle-free manner.

It is a good choice for those who do not wish to go with a normal label catalog system. Let’s usually contend that we have your mini-library during home and we wanted to arrange your books well and in correct order. So instead of regulating index cards, we can usually encode your book’s information on your e-library. This creates a encoding routine a whole lot easier and whenever we need to hunt for a sold book, we can make use of this app’s discerning hunt tool. Of course, this does not meant that there’s already no need for we to arrange a books on your bookshelves.

Furthermore, this module is also good for organizing a e-books that you’ve already downloaded to your computer. It’s usually that many of a encoding should be finished manually given we can't import any information from a web. The web refurbish underline is usually accessible for Lite and Pro users.

Just like any other software, a Alfa Ebooks Manager also has a good sides and bad sides. It’s good in a clarity that it has a lot of options for user customizations. It has 4 elementary observation modes; we can customize a thumbnail perspective regulating a accessible templates, we can set parameters to filter your hunt results, etc. It is also a really fast module and it supports mixed e-book formats such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, etc.

However, it also has a integrate of important downsides. First of all, it is filled with restrictions – we can't directly import any info from a web, we can't supplement approach links to your cloud-based e-books, we can't refurbish your book’s thumbnail though downloading a picture to your computer, etc. Second, it’s doesn’t concede we to sync a e-books that we have on your Cloud Reader. It’s like all is in primer mode and if ever we wish to entrance your e-library on a opposite computer, we need to implement a Alfa Ebooks Manager module on that mechanism initial before we can pierce or send your whole SDF database.

Conclusion and Download Link

Despite of a many restrictions, a giveaway chronicle of Alfa Ebooks Manager is still a good choice generally if we are usually looking for a elementary nonetheless really arguable apparatus for handling your paper book collection. You can also use this module to classify a e-books that we have stored on your computer’s tough expostulate though we don’t suggest this for those who are mostly reading their e-books around Cloud. You will usually have a formidable time regulating this software. If we are looking for a good alternative, we could try BookONO or Calibre.

Price: Free – users can ascent to Lite ($19.95) or Pro ($39.95)

Version reviewed: 4.0.30

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4)

Download size: 17.9MB

VirusTotal malware indicate results: 1/47

Is it portable? No

Alfa Ebooks Manager homepage

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