Clap along to Happy, Pharrell Williams’ 24-hour prolonged interactive song video

Pharrell Williams’ 24 hours of Happy is technically usually about 4 mins prolonged and sincerely simple: dancers crack about and sing along to a infectiously familiar song. And afterwards it starts all over again, with a new star shifting into place. For twenty 4 hours.

The video lets we skip around Los Angeles by several dance venues, floating down city streets, around fighting gyms and by what looks like an facile school, to name a few identifiable locales. If we aren’t dedicated adequate to hang around we can drag a slider about to collect an hour of a day to explore. My favorite tools are really a day shots, chock full of faraway onlookers looking during a dancers and a camera perplexing to figure out what a heck is going on.

YouTube has a official, brave we contend criterion version. It shuffles by a several shots, though you’ll wish to watch a proper, interactive knowledge (a few times) to get a full effect. we suspect it’ll get aged during some point, though I’ve been examination folks dance (or something like it) to this lane given about 5 in a morning and I’ve got a unctuous guess I’m going to make it by many of Happy’s day.

I suspect a video isn’t utterly as liquid as a Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” experience; shifting between characters and perspectives pauses a song for a moment, that is a bit jarring. But Dylan’s video doesn’t underline a hulk duck dancing in a dollar store, so picking a some-more high knowledge is a bit of a toss adult during this point.

For reward points, try to pinpoint a hours of a day when a several celebrities make their cameos.

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