[Windows] Check that folders take adult a many expostulate space with FolderUsage

FolderUsage1One vital problem I’ve always had or gifted with a disdainful Windows File System Explorer is that it doesn’t come with easy and straightforwardly accessible collection for folder classification and analysis.  I have an endless video library. Recently we motionless to do a small classification so as to heed between a music, cinema and series. Logically a folders with a biggest distance or enclose a biggest array of files are a array folders. There was no quick, easy and comes built into windows approach we could do this. we could go by a authority line or write a discerning elementary focus yet I’m idle and since do something that could or should already be there. FolderUsage is a resolution to this problem.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

FolderUsage is a folder research apparatus that allows we to crop and try by elementary extraneous folder sum such as a size, folders contained, files contained and other information. It gives a user an path-finder like user interface where he/she can arrange and perspective folder information.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Has right click context menu formation and support


  • Requires .Net Framework 4.0.30319
  • Uses controversial pattern and navigation concepts
  • Newer versions of a focus seem to get reduction prettier (for miss of a improved phrase)
  • No offline assistance options


FolderUsageFolderUsage comes finished in a totally unstable yet dry user interface. The user interface follows a elementary and required design. It’s candid and unmemorable, a genuine pragmatists program. Where this focus stands is in a  functionality. It’s restorable, minimizable/maximizable and closable. Unfortunately it doesn’t minimize into a complement tray. It comes with a 3 choice menu bar. File,Tools  and Help. File contains an choice to exit, Tools contains Filter, check for updates now or monthly and bombard formation  while Help contains About. Tools seem to be a many useful menu item.

FolderUsage 4Filter allows we to filter a information that a categorical tree or user interface brings behind according to options that associate to a date, a unchanging expression, a distance or manifest files in a folder. Check for updates now will do accurately what a name implies and check for updates and forewarn we if it should find any. If a Check for updates monthly choice is ticked afterwards a focus will check for updates any month, a day on that it checks stays misleading to me. The focus does check for updates a initial time it is run and when it finds an refurbish it will ask if we wish to download a update. If we accept a uninformed chronicle update, it will open adult a page to a focus download on your browser that afterwards automatically downloads a zip.

With comparison versions of a application, we had to crop or name a folder from a folder name content margin by possibly stuffing in a folder trail name or browsing to it regulating a unclearly noted symbol subsequent to a content field. Before we can arrange or move behind a list of folders to sort, perspective and analyse, we have to click on a analyse symbol that sits directly subsequent to a crop button.To tell a truth, we still have to do that with newer versions of a application. The usually disproportion is we can now use a folders and files tree structures to navigate to a folder. You still have to click on a analyse symbol to move behind sum and arrange information even after regulating this navigation method, that is kind of a drag yet it is roughly understandable. If it brought behind a information of really folder or office we navigated to, it would delayed a module down. This is a elementary tool, if a developers combined some crafty threading or caching, this wouldn’t be an issue. we have a few problems with a navigation as well. You have to use a both tree panels like a flare and knife. Neither is roughly eccentric from a other . we wish they combined in a few some-more windows path-finder like options. Like a behind and brazen button, along with a one folder adult symbol that was disdainful to any panel. It would be good if a focus had a new folder or undo folder operation built into it. But we can usually furnish a extraneous perspective of folder information with it. If we enter a non extant folder name into a folder name content field, it cannot warning we with a notification, instead it will give we a fake office on a folder row along with a small summary appended to a finish that tells a user that a folder does not exist.

FolderUsage 5If we name to check a Shell formation choice underneath a Tools menu item, it will emanate an object on a context menu called ‘Nodesoft FolderUsage’ If we right click on a folder and name this option, it will move adult a focus joined with a folder and record information of a comparison folder. This is a good option. we hatred how it has been named in a context menu though.

Newer versions of a focus seem to occupy uglier looking folder icons. Navigation is a lot clunkier as well.

Conclusion and Download Link

FolderUsage by Nodesoft is a good apparatus to examine that of your folders suffers from larger obesity. If you’ve given it a try, don’t demur to criticism on your impressions of a focus and any alternatives we might have come across. As for my recommendation… we only don’t see most of anything that FolderUsage has over a likes of WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer, and Disk Space Fan. we suspect it comes down to personal preference, since all of a just-mentioned module accomplish a same finish goal: assistance we brand a folders that take adult a lot of space on your drive.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Download size: 160 KB

VirusTotal malware indicate results:  0/43

Is it portable? No

FolderUsage homepage

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