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Chapter 41 Introduction

PCR test is one of the methods to effectively determine the existence of corona virus in the human body. The basic principle of this method is to generate a large number of target DNA sequences under the catalysis of DNA polymerase enzyme at high temperature. This shows that, besides the applications in creating foods, detergents, … enzymes are also used in medicine. Will enzymes be used in the future to detect diseases in humans?

Detailed explanation:

Can enzymes be used to detect human diseases such as:

The glucose oxidase enzyme electrode is used in the device to determine the glucose content in the blood, contributing to the screening of people with diabetes.

The LDH (lactic acid dehydrogenase) test helps detect signs of tissue damage in the body.

Chapter 41 Chapter 1

In which fields has the application of enzyme technology achieved achievements? For example.

Detailed explanation:

The enzyme technology industry has achieved achievements in many different manufacturing industries: food technology, animal feed processing, tanning industry, textiles, medicine…


Food technology: proteolytic enzymes are used to tenderize meat during cooking; The enzyme glucose oxidase is used to remove glucose from food, making it easier to preserve…

– Medicine: the enzyme glucose oxidase is used to determine the sugar content in blood and urine; …

– Tanning industry: proteolytic enzymes such as papain, proteolytic … are used to soften the skin.

Chapter 41 Chapter 2

Name a few products that apply enzymes in daily life.

Detailed explanation:

– Detergents and detergents contain some enzymes that clean substances such as proteins, lipids, etc., that stick to clothes and items.

– Producing Penicillin family antibiotics from the enzymes of actinomycetes and fungi of the genus Penicillin.

Chapter 42 Chapter 3

Why are microorganisms commonly used in the production of probiotics?

Detailed explanation:

One of the important applications of enzyme technology is the production of biological products. The use of microbial growth characteristics helps to produce large quantities of probiotics thereby reducing product costs.

CH tr 43 LT

If you were a researcher, in which field would you research to apply enzymes? Why?

Detailed explanation:

I will study to apply enzymes in the field of agriculture. Because to increase livestock productivity, for large amounts of meat and eggs, … I will research to create biological products used in food processing to help animals absorb nutrients better and gain weight.

Chapter 43 Chapter 4

Let’s analyze the prospects of enzyme technology in the future.

Detailed explanation:

– Become a leading industry in providing raw materials for many other industries.

– Open up many career opportunities as well as many new job positions (enzyme production, enzyme research and application, project manager on enzyme technology) thereby solving employment problems and improving quality life.

CH p 43 VD

Find out and present an achievement of enzyme technology application that you think will be promising in the future. Analyze the practical values ​​that these achievements bring.

Detailed explanation:

The achievement of using enzymes in the diagnosis of human diseases is very promising in the future.

The practical values ​​that this achievement brings are:

– Reduce the number of screening tests that patients need to do to detect diseases -> save medical costs and create comfort for patients.

– Detect diseases quickly -> shorten waiting time for test results.

Chapter 44 BT 1

Please suggest an idea of ​​enzyme application to solve current environmental problems (waste pollution, water pollution, …).

Detailed explanation:

Producing probiotics includes many different enzymes, each of which has the role of transforming a toxic or persistent substance in waste, garbage, etc., into unreadable material or into a microbial form that can degradable helps to reduce the burden on current waste and waste treatment.

Chapter 44 BT 2

Choose a career that is related to enzyme technology. Analyze the prospects of that industry in the future.

Detailed explanation:

Industry related to enzyme technology: the science of enzyme research and application.


– Opportunity to interact with many many industries of life: agriculture, fashion industry, biotechnology, environmental protection…

– Many job opportunities and self-development because this is a new field.

– Helping many people in society: farmers, workers, food production and processing enterprises, …

Chapter 44 BT 3

There is an opinion that: “One of the environmental protection trends is the use of enzymes for the purpose of sustainable industrial development”. Do you agree with this opinion or not? Why?

Detailed explanation:

Agree. Because the use of enzyme technology in protecting the environment or improving the current environment is an extremely promising solution. Enzymes are applied in the domestic wastewater treatment process, changing the properties of wastes, making them easy to handle … both environmentally friendly (removing toxic cleaning chemicals) and effective in protecting the environment.


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