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Solve Lesson 8. Enzyme Application – Student Topic 10


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Chapter 54 Introduction

Compared with the use of chemicals or mechanical agents, if buffalo meat is stewed with green papaya at warm temperatures, it will make buffalo meat softer. Please tell me what role green papaya plays in tenderizing buffalo meat.

Detailed explanation:

In green papaya fruit (especially in the sap) contains a large amount of papain enzyme – an enzyme belonging to the plant protease group, so it has the effect of tenderizing meat. Therefore, green papaya is often used when cooking and stewing tough meats such as buffalo, beef, etc.

Chapter 54 CH1

In the field of food industry such as bread production, amylase enzyme is very popular because this enzyme completely changes the quality of bread in terms of taste, color and porosity. Please explain this.

Detailed explanation:

ɑ-amylase is a flavor enhancer, color enhancer and a moisture and softness retention factor to improve cake quality due to:

ɑ-amylase converts the starch in the cake into smaller dextrins, which then swell as the process releases CO2.

ɑ-amylase also forms branched dextrins with high molecular weight, so it is used as an anti-dehydration coating for rice cakes and other powdered foods.

Chapter 55 CH2

What enzymes enhance the flavor of baked goods?

Detailed explanation:

The enzymes that enhance the flavor of baked goods are: ɑ-amylase, glucoamylase, protease, lipase.

Chapter 55 CH3

If the effect of certain enzymes is used in the beer and juice industry.

Detailed explanation:

  • ɑ-amylase converts the sugars in starch and ferments it to alcohol, along with cellulase and pectinase, which make fruit juices.
  • Plant proteases such as bromelain, ficin and papain use in brewing.

CH tr 56 LT

Present some more applications of enzymes in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Detailed explanation:

Enzyme in healing: Amylase is used to prepare cardiovascular drugs, treat neurological diseases; Bromelain is beneficial for digestion, so it is used to support patients with flatulence, indigestion …

Enzyme in disease diagnosis: Penicillinase is used to reduce the concentration of antibiotics in the body of patients with strong allergies; Glucosidase is used to measure serum glucose in the diagnosis of diabetes…

CH p 57 VD

Name some of the roles enzymes play in medical treatment or in cosmetic operations.

Detailed explanation:

In medical treatment:

  • Proteinase is used as a drug to increase protein digestion, anticoagulant …
  • Bromelain reduces the risk of stroke with cardiovascular disease, used for quick pain relief after surgery …
  • Trypsin and chymotrypsin are used as anti-inflammatory drugs, wound healing …

In the cosmetic industry:

  • Enzymes are used to exfoliate and whiten the skin.
  • Enzymes can break down the keratin protein in the skin, making it softer.

Chapter 57 CH4

Enzymes have assisted in the production of which gene-engineering preparations?

Detailed explanation:

Enzymes support the production of substances that the living body can only synthesize in a very small amount through genetic engineering, such as interferons, antibodies, hormones, vaccines …

CH p 58 VD

In somatic hybridization between a B cell and a cancer cell, is an enzyme used as a catalyst or a catalyst?

Detailed explanation:

In somatic hybridization between a B cell and a cancer cell, an enzyme is used as a catalyst.

CH p 58 BT1

Describe the starch metabolism in three steps: gelatinization, liquefaction, and saccharification.

Detailed explanation:

Starch metabolism in three steps are:

gelatinized is the process of heating the rice solution in water, causing the starch to absorb water, swell and expose the bonds. Thanks to that, enzymes have conditions to contact and break down starch.

Translating is the stage of breaking down starch structure under the action of ɑ-amylase, starch hydrolyzes into short chain dextrins, facilitating saccharification.

saccharification is the process of combining protease and amylase enzymes to maximize the breakdown of dextrins in the medium into simple sugars.

Chapter 58 BT2

Fill in the enzymes in the columns along the prompts:

A1: The active factor in fruit juice.

B2: Enzymes catalyze redox reactions.

C3: Enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis reaction.

D4: Enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage reaction.

E5: Enzyme involved in the metabolism of agricultural waste.

F6: The factor that maintains the moisture, color and softness of the bread.

G7: Factors effective in treating thromboembolic cardiovascular disease.

H8: Characteristic flavor improvement factor of cheese.

And indicate the role of the enzyme found in the red horizontal column.

Detailed explanation:

A1: Pectinase; B2: Oxidoreductase; C3: Hydrogenlasers; D4: ; E5: Hemicellulases; F6: amylase; G7: Trypsprint; H8: Lipase.

So the enzyme in the red horizontal column is: PROTEASE.

The role of protease enzymes: Catalyze the hydrolysis of peptides present in proteins and polypeptides. Proteases are present in animals, plants and microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

Chapter 58 BT3

Let’s analyze the role of pectinase in making industrial soft drinks.

Detailed explanation:

Pectinase catalyzes the hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds in the polymer chains of pectin. Thanks to pectinase, it breaks down the pectin substrates, making the extract in the cell fluid easier to escape, increasing the extraction efficiency and making the extract clearer.

Chapter 58 BT4

Low levels of protein digestion in the intestinal tract can cause inflammation and cause spasms, excessive mucus production and even bleeding. The elderly are supplemented with protease enzyme to speed up the digestion of protein, helping to fully absorb it into the blood and create new proteins in the body after an effective meal. Please explain this phenomenon based on the knowledge about protease.

Detailed explanation:

Protease has a catalytic role for the hydrolysis of peptides present in proteins and polypeptides.

In the elderly, the ability to digest and absorb substances is poor, so supplementing with protease helps speed up protein digestion, helping to completely absorb into the blood and create new proteins in the body after an effective meal. .

CH p 58 BT5

Presenting the role of protease enzyme when used as anti-obstructive drug for cardiovascular, wound purulent, respiratory tract, anti-inflammatory, as a protein digester and as a component of drugs used in dermatology and dermatology. cosmetics …

Detailed explanation:

  • Protease enzymes, when used in medicine and pharmacy, have the role of breaking down complex proteins into short-chain proteins, simple amino acids, so they can be used as anti-cardiovascular drugs, wound purulent, respiratory tract, anti-inflammatory. inflammation, which increases protein digestion.
  • When applied in the cosmetic industry, protease helps to break down the keratin layer on the skin, bringing a softer skin, is an effective antioxidant, prevents the destruction of free radicals such as protecting the skin against sunshine again.


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