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Lesson 10. Practice Exploiting Resources on the Internet Pages 22, 23 SBT Informatics 10 Connecting Knowledge to Life>

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Practice: Use the Google Translate translation application to do:

a) Translate a sentence from Vietnamese into a foreign language that you have learned.

b) Find and retrieve a piece of text written in a foreign language from the Internet and save it as a text file using a word processing software. Translate that content into Vietnamese and then write it to a text file.

Solution method:

Applying the knowledge learned about Google translate to practice

Detailed explanation:

a) Translate a sentence from Vietnamese into another foreign language

– Step 1. Open the website

– Step 2. Select the original language as Vietnamese, select the target language (eg French).

– Step 3. Enter the text of the sentence to be translated in Vietnamese into the left window – (original language), the results will appear in the right window (target language)

b) Translate a text file from a foreign language (e.g. English) into Vietnamese

– Step 1. Find translated content on the Internet, for example a paragraph about Connecting all things at, write in a file named “Connection of Things”, the following content.

– Step 2. Open page, select the original language is English, the target language is Vietnamese

– Step 3. Select the translation mode as Document, then click on “Browse your computer” to select the file “Connecting everything”.

– Step 4. Click on the “Translate” link, get the following results.

– Step 5. Highlight all copied content (copy – use Ctrl + C key combination). Then open a new text file in the editor and paste (paste- use Ctrl+V)

– Step 6. Google translation is not clear and subtle enough. Please edit and save. Edits can be as follows:

Internet of Things ( Iodine ) describes physical objects (or groups of such objects) with sensors, processing capabilities, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. …..


Practice: Please use an electronic lecture on

Solution method:

Apply the knowledge learned and learn about the website to practice

Detailed explanation:

Example of exploiting online lesson on Physics grade 10.

– Step 1. Open page, the homepage appears with a multi-level directory tree.

+ Level 1 includes 3 types: digital learning materials, textbooks and address space. Click on “Digital learning materials” to open a level 2 folder with a list of classes.

+ Click on the item “Grade 10, the list of subjects will be opened.

+ Click on the subject “Physics”, the materials of this subject, including electronic lectures, will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

+ Select the electronic lecture you want to learn, for example the lesson “Isothermal process – boyle mariotte’s law”. Click on the lesson title to open the lesson, then click on the “Learn online” button to watch the lesson video


Practice: Use Google Map online at and do the following:

a) Find a map by place

b) Display map in two modes: traffic map and satellite map

c) Find the path between two points and estimate the time corresponding to the means of travel.

Solution method:

Apply knowledge learned and learn about Google Map online map to practice

Detailed explanation:

Enter the map address in the address box of your browser to open the page

a) Display a map of an area, search by place name

– To view a map of an area, enter a place name in the search field. During typing, the software will suggest, if you see the correct place to go, you need to click on the name to confirm. The map will be displayed in traffic mode, you can zoom in or out of the map or switch the display mode between traffic map and satellite map.

– Location to see the map of Minh Tri commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi

b) Switch to satellite mode

– Click on the Map Layer button at the bottom left to switch to satellite mode.

c) Example of finding the way from Noi Bai Airport to Minh Tri commune.

– Click the button to find the way, the software will ask to find the place to go, by default Minh Tri is the destination. (If you are not going to Meiji, then re-enter the same destination as the place of departure.) Enter “Noi Bai Airport” into the search area, the software also has a function to suggest places.

– After accepting, the software displays a road map with both departure and arrival places with a distance of 21.6 km and the average car travel time at that time took 42 minutes. Times are subject to change according to traffic conditions

– If you go by other means, you have to choose again, such as walking, the software will suggest.


Practice: Use weather forecast information at

Solution method:

Learn about

Detailed explanation:

– Open the page

– To see the weather of an area, enter the name of that area in the search field. If the area name is provided correctly and the software has the data, the software will display the weather forecast information with 6 tables as follows

+ Weather at the current time with information about temperature, humidity, Moon and Sun

+ General weather for morning, afternoon, evening and overnight to next day

+ If you click on the “Next hours” button, you will get hour-by-hour weather information with information about temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, UV index

+ General weather of the day with information about temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV index visibility, condensing temperature of two countries.

+ Hourly forecast the next hours can be up to 48 hours later

+ Air quality with information on fine dust concentration, harmful gas content.

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