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In your opinion, what knowledge in high school is most useful if you want to work in software development in the future?

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Software development is the work of creating software, including many stages such as: investigation, system analysis, system design, programming, testing, delivery and maintenance.

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To study software development, first of all, you need to have a solid knowledge of Informatics, Mathematics and English.

Informatics provides basic knowledge of computers, information and communication technology, basic understanding of programming, algorithms and data structures. These are the knowledge that will help us have an initial foundation for learning programming and software development at a higher level.

In addition to the knowledge of Informatics, you need to have knowledge of Math, understand and apply math to solve problems, besides, effective math will help you train your thinking better.

– Next, a very important subject is English, especially reading comprehension, because most of the important documents of the software development profession are written in English.

However, that does not mean that other subjects are overlooked. Systems analyst will have to learn any application area of ​​life to build software. Therefore, a broad understanding will help a lot for software development work.


Please find out information about the exam blocks to study software development (at university level is often called software engineering – software engineering).

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Based on your own research and understanding

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The entrance exam blocks to the Information Technology industry in general and Software Technology in particular may change over time.

Majoring in Software Development requires good knowledge of Math and English is also emphasized.

Many schools have enrolled students according to exam blocks such as blocks A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Math, Physics, English), D01 (Math, Literature, English) or D07 (Math, Chemistry, English).


Please find out the list of 10 largest software companies in Vietnam.

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Based on your own research and understanding

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List is subject to change from time to time

1. FPT Software Company

2. Global CyberSoft

3. TMA Solutions

4. VNG Group

5. CMC . Group

6. DXC Vietnam

7. KMS Technology

8. Harvey Nash

9. Maytech

10. Nebula


Learn about some typical universities that offer vocational training in software development

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Based on your own research and understanding

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Most universities with IT majors offer software development training.

Some schools have a tradition of training as member schools of national universities (such as the University of Technology under the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, the University of Information Technology under the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology). under the National University of Ho Chi Minh City), Universities of Technology (such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Da Nang University of Technology), Can Tho University, Military Technical Academy, Academy of Posts and Telecommunications, FPT University, University of Information Technology under Thai Nguyen University, Hanoi University of Industry and many other universities.


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