A click away from another Internet option

New Paltz residents sometimes grumble about only having one high-speed internet option available, and it’s possible that this could change. Poughquag-based Fiberlinc, with a growing customer base in Saugerties, may become a New Paltz competitor to the much-maligned Spectrum. The company website indicates that Saugerties residents are paying $70 a month, and don’t have to sign a contract to get the service. The town supervisor there reported to New Paltz Supervisor Neil Bettez that working with that company has been a positive experience.

When and whether a new provider comes to town is still very much up in the air. The agreement being signed is to pursue grant opportunities only, for establishing the infrastructure. Spectrum executives should take note that if this does come to pass, Fiberlinc executives appear ready and willing to pay two percent of net profits as a franchise fee, without putting reams of loopholes into the agreement.

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