Adam Mosseri Suggests Power Should Be Shifted Away From Internet Gatekeepers To Content Creators

Mosseri has some substantial points which if put into execution would certainly create a different reality for creators. However, the golden question remains will these changes be for better or for worse?

Creators would certainly have the ability to finance their creative endeavors backed by a community already on standby to invest in their pursuits, by default creating more and better content. A win for all sides however, what would happen to their ventures on traditional platforms if they adopt Mosseri’s suggested model? Money may certainly be lost as there would not be a guarantee followers would shift towards a free platform which already allows them to keep up with their favorite content creators in order to embrace a paid subscription model.

Content creators who have amassed thousands of followers may find success however how would this impact small business owners who already find difficulties branding and securing clients on free platforms?

Mosseri’s stance certainly leaves room for thought. What remains clear, the future is tomorrow and creators should have an open mind to remain ahead of the curve.


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