Amazon introduces 72-hour delay for user reviews to combat internet trolls

Amazon Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power has premiered with its first two episodes on the streaming service. While being received well by critics, Amazon has been facing an onslaught of internet trolls review bombing the series.

In an attempt to counteract reviews made by internet trolls, Amazon’s new delay on reviews is in place in order to evaluate each one. This way, Amazon hopes to weed out genuine and constructive reviews. Thus, the company can mitigate using those made by bots, trolls, and other malicious users.

This practice is reported to have launched quietly upon the premiere of Amazon Prime Video’s A League of Their Own. However, upon the two-episode premiere of Rings of Power, Amazon confirms the existence of the review delay.

Aside from Amazon Prime Video’s reviews, Ring of Power has faced negative reviews made by trolls. For example, Rotten Tomatoes shows a respectable 84% rating from critics, but a surprisingly low 39% from users. Delving into the content of the low reviews paints a picture of internet trolls intentionally providing negative reviews. Many are purely based on the show’s focus on a female protagonist and cast of colour.

This is far from the first series or film to face review bombings. While Rotten Tomatoes continues to suffer from negative reviews and trolls, Amazon’s new review policy appears to be working. A League of Their Own shows 80 percent of user ratings with five stars and 14 percent with one star, averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars on the platform. The first user reviews for Rings of Power should be rolling out soon on Prime Video.

Despite internet trolls attempting to bring down the party, Prime Video has revealed that 25 million global viewers tuned into the premiere of Rings of Power in the first 24 hours. Suffice to say that the show has started on a very good foot for the streaming service.

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Source: Variety


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