Artist Creates Engagement “Ring Box” Dessert In Video, Internet Stunned

Watch: Artist Creates Engagement 'Ring Box' Dessert In Video, Internet Stunned

Image shows a ring box dessert made by the artist.

While browsing the internet, you must have encountered a variety of artworks. There are several artists whose creations leave you in awe. One such stunning piece of art by pastry chef Amaury Guichon is currently trending online. It shows a dessert that resembles a ring box is made in the video.

The video has been posted by Mr Guichon on his official Instagram handle with the caption, “The Engagement Ring! Would you say yes to this delicious proposal?”

In the video, Mr Guichon demonstrates how he created the stunning, edible blue ring box. He begins by preparing each component of the dessert before putting it all together. Additionally, he can be seen adding blue colour to the dessert to give it a flawless finish.

The box that Mr Guichon has made in the video is simple to open and close. He also puts a ring in the box. The pastry chef claimed in another post that his most current ring box design is a highly romantic masterpiece that is suited for the ideal proposal.

“It is a cheese cake in disguise composed with a vanilla streusel crunchy based, a blueberry almond cream sponge, a blueberry compote and a delicious light lemon cheese cake mousse! The rest is crafted out of 100% chocolate,” said the artist.

The video has received a staggering 9.6 million views and 9.6 lakh likes since being shared six days ago. Many users have complimented the artist for his incredible work.

One user wrote, “Says no to the engagement but eats the box anyways.”

“A proposal AND a treat?! Hell yeah!” wrote a second user.
A third user commented, “With the Paris 2024 Olympics coming up you should make some Olympic themed chocolate! A medal or even an Olympic gun (I’m a rifle shooter) would be SO COOL.”

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