Artist Sketches 5 Superhero Portraits Simultaneously, Internet In Awe

Viral Video: Artist Sketches 5 Superhero Portraits Simultaneously, Internet In Awe

The unnamed artist is seen drawing 5 pencil sketches at once.

For those who think making comic book art is easy, an artist just raised the bar. A video going viral on the internet shows the man creating sketches of five superheroes simultaneously.

Being a human, the man doesn’t have five hands, but is still able to produce the sketches with meticulous details. The mesmerising process has been posted on Twitter by Brian Roemmele.

Watch the video:

The unknown artist has beaten the record set by Viru Sahasrabuddhe (Virus from the film ‘3 Idiots’) by using specially crafted device that has five pens attached to a horizontal rod.

The 26-second timelapse video shows the man drawing five near-perfect sketches – of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash from DC Comics’ ‘Justice League‘.

The video has been viewed 927,000 times and received 2,630 retweets since being posted on May 21.

“I don’t understand. I simply don’t understand,” a user commented.

“Things like this remind I have absolutely no talent whatsoever,” said another. In one of the comments, a user remarked: “Every other day this world amazes me with their talent.”

Some Twitter users, however, claimed that this is some kind of “digital trickery”, but others challenged them to try and attempt this.

Such videos have surfaced on the internet in the past too. In November last year, Australian artist Josiah Alan Brooks posted a tutorial on YouTube, in which he was seen drawing 21 sketches at once using a horizontal rod that could hold multiple pens.

Similarly, in January, a Libyan artist tweeted a video which showed him making six portraits at once. He used his feet too to make the sketches in the video which became massively popular on the internet.

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