Blinkit Offers Printouts For Rs 9 Per Page, Internet Prefers “Local Shop”

Blinkit Offers Printouts For Rs 9 Per Page, Internet Prefers 'Local Shop'

Blinkit’s service has been roasted by internet users.

Zomato-owned Blinkit has started a printout delivery service in select locations, and they are charging Rs 9 per page for black-and-white printouts and Rs 19 per page for coloured printouts. In addition to this, the service also charges a delivery fee of Rs 25 for every such order. This has been launched at a few locations in Gurugram for now, but the app would add more locations in the coming months. 

However, ever since this news broke out, the service has been roasted by internet users. Netizens welcomed the initiative by the company, but they also claimed that the prices of the services do not make sense to them. Several users failed to understand why the firm would charge such high prices for printing when most local photocopy shops charge far less for printouts. 

Coming back to the service, those who are interested can upload the documents through the Blinkit app to get them printed. The organisation confirmed that the uploaded documents will be deleted from the Blinkit server, once printed. 

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Jitesh Goel, product manager at Blinkit on Thursday announced the launch of this new service via a post on LinkedIn. “We at Blinkit are giving printouts in minutes in a few areas now. Have never had a printer at home and getting it from a cyber cafe or library or neighbours or offices has always been cumbersome especially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadlines” Goel said. 

There is no minimum order requirement for availing of the new service. The online delivery platform previously known as Grofers was acquired by food delivery major Zomato in July this year. 

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