Bring the Internet With You When You Take 30% Off This Anker USB C Hub

Anker USB C Hub | $56 | 30% Off | Amazon

Anker USB C Hub | $56 | 30% Off | Amazon

Reliability is only a plug away with Anker’s USB C hub, which is 30% off at Amazon. This eight-in-one device connects your laptop to power, HDMI, a second monitor, and even ethernet for reliable internet service. With fast file transfer and near universal compatibility, you’ll be screensharing presentations like a pro (as long as you close chat first). This compact hub is perfect for travel, but is a great companion for laptops without all those USB ports on the side—Macbook users, you know what I mean. Grab this for $56 while a handful of Anker products are on sale—you’ll always stay connected. 


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