BTS member Jimin has the internet in ‘chaos’ with preview pictures from RM’s photo-folio

BTS Jimin
And just like that we’re about to enter the photographer Jimin era. With each passing day, we get closer to another BTS member releasing their photo-folio, and with each passing day, the fandom goes into frenzy over their pictures and teasers.
Amid increasing excitement over BTS’ intriguing project, Jimin’s preview pictures in RM’s photo-folio have caused a stir amongst ARMY.

In case you weren’t aware, BTS are expanding their artistic horizons. Around last month, following the release of Jungkook’s mysterious picture, the seven-member boy group announced the launch of their photo-folio project. As per reports by Korean media, Jungkook kicked off the photo-folio project after which each BTS member would release their own photo-folio. Each member’s photo-folio is set to have a different theme.

Following Jungkook’s photo-folio, RM’s was announced. And now Jimin appears to be next in line.

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Sporting an all-black leather look, the BTS member holds what appears to be a mask with horns. Additionally, Jimin has a tattoo that reads, ‘tailor of chaos’ on his neck. Although it might be black and white, the preview pictures have fans mesmerized. Take a look at the preview pictures that has the entire fandom in shambles at the moment:

While no official announcement has been made about Jimin’s photo-folio concept and release date, fans are eagerly awaiting its release. Here’s what fans have to say:

Meanwhile, on the group front, BTS have been busy pursuing their solo careers. While J-Hope just wrapped up his first album promotions, RM featured on a song with hip-hop crew Balming Tiger and Jungkook worked with Charlie Puth. Additionally, V will appear in Vogue’s October issue and Jin has been busy ‘working’ at Maple Story.

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However, the group is set to hold a free concert in Busan in October this year as a part of South Korea’s campaign for the World Expo 2030.


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