Cat Jumps in Fear After Vacuum Cleaner Moves Automatically, Internet Reacts

Animals are known to possess better sniffing and hearing skills. Because of their profound hearing dexterity, animals can hear a sound coming from a far distance which the human ear sometimes fails to detect.

A recent viral video that has got the Internet laughing their eyes out, shows an adorable cat, getting frightened out of its wits after it feels something moving nearby.

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Uploaded on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, by an account named CCTV Idiots, the video has won the hearts of netizens, garnering likes and hilarious reactions.

The 17-second visual opens with a cat seated on a chair. Beside the feline, a man, probably its owner, is also seen sitting on a chair with his laptop displayed in front of him, engrossed in work. Suddenly, the cat hears something and begins to look here and there for the origin of the sound.

As the video progresses, it is indicated that a Roomba vacuum kept under a chair at some distance is causing noise and movement. The Roomba vacuum is a special type of vacuum cleaner that starts operating on its own after a particular cleaning time is allotted in the device.

The Roomba vacuum cleaner begins to rotate on its own while the man remains oblivious. During its movement, the cleaning device touches the legs of the chair, causing it to move as well. As soon as the man spots the chair moving automatically, he pushes back his chair and jumps off his seat.

The feline, seeing its owner’s frightened reaction, leaps from its chair and leaps on the floor, running away in terror. The hilarious video ends after the man notices the cleaner and breathes a sigh of relief.

Twitter users have showered the comment section with laughing emojis and funny GIFs, seeing the rib-tickling reaction of the man and his pet cat. One user felt sorry for the feline and said, β€œpoor kitty.” A second one said, β€œI just know his soul left his body for a brief moment.”

Another similar viral video that left social media users in hysterics showed a curious cat getting its face stuck in a vacuum cleaner after attempting to play with it.

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