Cheetah Plays With Tortoise Rubbing Head In Its Shell, Internet Amazed

Viral Video: Cheetah Plays With Tortoise Rubbing Head In Its Shell, Internet Amazed

Picture shows the cheetah rubbing its head in tortoise’s shell.

In a person’s life, friends are the most crucial source of support. They prevent individuals from feeling isolated. Additionally, having friends can improve your mood and feeling of purpose, as well as lower your stress levels.

A video is gaining traction on social media that shows a cheetah playing with a tortoise in a park by rubbing its head on the tortoise’s shell. After gazing over the park for a bit, the cheetah rubs its head once again. The tortoise too seems to be having fun with its companion as it lies still on the grass.

Shared by Carson Springs Wildlife on Instagram last week, the video caption says, “Tuesday and Penzi are best friends. Come see them at Carson Springs.” Carson Springs is a non-profit Exotic Animal and Endangered Species Animal Park in Gainesville, Florida, United States.

The viral clip has attracted over 1.1 million viewers and garnered more than 56,000 likes since being shared on Instagram. Some users have adored their friendship in the comment section of the post while others found it funny.

One user wrote, “Cheetah must be thinking what a funny head scratching rock! It has retractable rock parts.”

Another said, “Just when I thought I’d seen it all man unbelievable.”

A third user simply said, “Best race companions.”

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