Congo footbridge collapses during inauguration, leaves internet in splits

The bridge could not bear the load of the gathering, which was clustered on one side only, and collapsed suddenly.

Funny content always trends on social media. At the end of the day, users scroll their social media feeds in search of topics that can bring a smile to their faces. Sure enough, there are some hilarious real-life incidents buzzing around nowadays that will leave you in splits. A recent video that has gone viral shows a footbridge collapsing during its inauguration. The bizarre instance was recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country in Central Africa, and took place when DRC officials were present on the spot to formally inaugurate the footbridge. The clip has been uploaded by a Twitter page named Africa Facts Zone.

In the video, a man in a black suit and a woman can be seen all set to begin the inaugural ceremony of the footbridge. The woman was holding a pair of scissors in her hands and was ready to cut off the red ribbon tied over the railings. As soon as she started to snip the ribbon, an unpredictable thing happened.

The bridge could not bear the load of the gathering, which was clustered on one side only, and collapsed suddenly. However, no injuries have been reported following the mishap. The officials were rescued immediately.

The caption of the Twitter post reads, “Bridge collapses while being commissioned in DR Congo.” Since being shared, the video has received 6.5 million views and nearly 55,000 users have liked it so far. After witnessing the sight, viewers burst out laughing at it. With all due respect to the situation, it was seen that internet users couldn’t stop posting humorous GIFs and memes. While this was going on, some also questioned the credibility of the viral clip.

A user mentioned that the officials got “a taste of their own medicine.”

Another one sarcastically said, “The red ribbon was holding everything together.”

An individual blamed the poor structure of the bridge.

Here are some other reactions:

This footbridge was built to help locals cross a river during the rainy season. The old bridge that stood at the spot would regularly break and had resulted in people dying during floods. During the opening ceremony, many people climbed the narrow bridge, which was less than two meters wide. Reportedly, the congestion led to the accident.


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