Content Creator Shares Pics Of Funny Signs, Makes The Internet Laugh (77 Pics)

Here’s the truth and nothing but the truth—we have a massive soft spot for hilarious signs. And whenever we come across some during our digital hikes through social media, we can’t wait to share them with you, Pandas. After all, a few good laughs can brighten pretty much anyone’s day.

Content creator @Kwintarget, aka ‘drone on a cruise,’ brought a lot of comedy into people’s lives after he shared a series of thoroughly funny signs—both intentional and otherwise—on Twitter. The pics were so good that the thread went viral. We’re sharing the best from the thread (plus a few other gems from the internet) with you, so scroll on down and upvote your fave ones, dear Readers.

Tell us in the comments which signs (and typos!) made you laugh until you had to excuse yourselves. And if you’ve recently come across any hilarious signs, tell us all about them, too. Happy scrolling!

Comedy writer Ariane Sherine, from the United Kingdom, shared her thoughts about humorous signs, how to make sure they get the message across, as well as how to avoid typos with Bored Panda. Check out what she told us as you’re scrolling down!

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