County improves high-speed internet to the tune of $2.625 million –

Wheatland County will be investing $2.625 million into a partnership with Shaw Communications to improve broadband connectivity.

Wheatland County and Shaw Communications will be working together to bring broadband connectivity into the county’s West Highway 1 and Goldfinch Industrial areas.

The county made the announcement on Friday morning that Shaw Communications has officially been awarded the county’s rural broadband contract to bring connectivity into selected areas of Wheatland County.

Shaw will provide a fibre network solution to the West Highway 1 industrial area, Goldfinch industrial area, connect fibre to the home for residents in Cheadle, and construct a connection point within Carseland for potential future residential services.

According to the county, Wheatland County’s Rural Broadband initiative will provide a reliable and scalable high-speed network, with broadband speeds and capacity capable of supporting diverse business needs.

Wheatland County’s industrial areas will allow business customers to leverage Canada’s fastest fibre network speeds while also increasing the possibility of future network expansions into residential areas. It’s expected the project will be complete by the summer of 2024.


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