Frontier Fiber Internet coming to Coventry

May 18—COVENTRY — Fast internet access is on its way to homes and businesses in Coventry.

Recently, crews from Frontier Communications have been working on power lines to install Frontier’s Fiber Internet. Once the installation is complete, those connected will have between 500 megabits per second of service up to two gigabits per second of service.

According to a Frontier informational memo, Frontier’s two gigabits per second of internet service would allow consumers to upload videos and files up to 50 times faster than the broadband service offered by cable companies in Connecticut.

” This is much more state of the art,” Coventry Town Manager John Elsesser said regarding Frontier’s Fiber Internet.

Coventry residents interested in knowing if their address qualifies for Frontier Fiber service should contact Frontier at 1- 855- 887-0992 ( residential), 1- 888-534-1751 (business) or visit getfrontierfiber. com for more information. Those with questions on Frontier’s Fiber Internet can contact Frontier’s Construction Manager Keith Casey at 203-694-4065.

Elsesser said Frontier believes some Coventry residents will be connected to Fiber Internet soon.

” They believe they’ll have some people ready by the end of the month,” he said.

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