Getting connected to internet with FASTnet in rural areas

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) –After nearly two years of providing broadband internet, 4 County FASTnet is expanding its service area.

During the pandemic, virtual forms of communication became the country’s lifeline and fast, reliable internet moved from being a luxury to a necessity for many.

4 County, with help from the Cares Act, began running broadband internet to rural parts of its coverage area.

The company currently services several counties, and the CEO believes we will see a trend of people moving back to rural areas now that access has improved.

Brain Clark CEO and General Manager of 4 County and FASTnet says, “Now with the products of FASTnet service to your home you can have the same quality of life as anybody else in the world or better.

FASTnet plans to expand to Lowndes County with the demand growing for internet in the service areas.

“As we’ve grown from the most rural areas to close around Columbus and Starkville, there is more competition, but our service and having true fiber all the way is going to give our customers service than anybody else that they have ever been with,” said Clark.

Over 6,000 customers now receive FASTnet broadband internet, and more continue to sign up. In fact there’s a waiting list for service.

“We started with nothing, and we built 2500 miles of line, so even though there are areas we might not can hook up for six months… They have already told us they want it, so the number 5500 is not people we can hook up today it’s people that want it six months to a year from now. They are willing to wait for our product.”

Not only is 4 county FASTnet looking to fill homes with the internet but with the demand, they are looking to fill some needed positions within the company. For more information click here or call 1-800-431-1544.


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