HBO Max’s Latest Move With Sesame Street Has The Internet Seeing Red

Amidst some significant changes to the streaming service, a number of unscripted and animated properties were removed from HBO Max, including more than 200 episodes of “Sesame Street” (via Variety). While the losses of many of the affected shows have inspired online outrage, “Sesame Street” in particular began trending on Twitter due to just how widespread angry posts became in the wake of the news’ proliferation.

Popular film account @Srirachachau, for example, retweeted the news and added, “Every kid should be able to grow up with Sesame Street, terrible to lose that.” User @RiseFallNickBck went so far as to question the purpose of HBO Max in light of the loss of the “Sesame Street” episodes.

Meanwhile, user @Benimated, who included #FireDavidZaslav in their username, retweeted the “Sesame Street” news and wrote, “Sesame Street was brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.” His post received more than 600 likes.

In an official statement, a representative for HBO Max attributed the removal of programming from the streaming service, including the more than 200 episodes of “Sesame Street,” to the process of merging HBO Max with Discovery+ (via Entertainment Weekly). So, as an official merger between the two streaming services draws nearer, it’s entirely possible that more episodes or shows could be removed moving forward.


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