Internet Applauds Teen Who Refuses to ‘De-Baptize’ Aunt

A teen said in a now-viral post that she recently performed a witch “baptism” on her Catholic aunt, and now her aunt wants her to “undo it.”

Posting in Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) forum under the username u/Vibing_Jellybean, the teenager asked: “AITA if I refuse to ‘de-baptize’ my aunt?” The post has garnered over 11,000 upvotes and 1,400 comments applauding the teen’s “petty revenge.”

In her post, the 14-year-old said her parents believe in the “freedom of choosing one’s own religion.” Her aunt, however, does not.

“During my childhood, [my aunt] constantly tried to pressure my mother into getting me baptized. Whenever I visited [her], she would try to push Christianity on me,” u/Vibing_Jellybean wrote.

Priest pouring water in baptismal font
A teen said in a now-viral post that she recently performed a witch “baptism” on her aunt and now, her aunt wants her to “undo it.”
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“I recently developed an interest in herbs and plants. This somehow convinced her that I practice [witchcraft]. Now she constantly switches between trying to ‘save’ me and making it a point [to avoid] me,” she continued.

Her younger brother, on the other hand, is friends with their cousin, so he spends a lot of time at their aunt’s house. During his latest visit, their aunt decided to make an appointment with a priest, “forge [their] mother’s signature” and get him baptized. When he told their mother this, she confronted their aunt and a “screaming match ensued.”

“[My aunt said] could not believe that our mother was wilfully condemning us to hell and that it was no wonder I had become a satanic witch. She HAD TO act because my mother obviously couldn’t be brought to her senses and someone had to save the boy,” u/Vibing_Jellybean said.

Angry, u/Vibing_Jellybean grabbed a pot, filled it up with water and then dumped it over her aunt’s head.

“Then I declared her to be baptized a witch and the lawful wife of Satan,” u/Vibing_Jellybean said.

“She told me to undo what I did. I refused.”

What is Baptism?

The rite of Catholic baptism is a tradition “intended to cleanse away original sin and symbolize rebirth in Christ,” LoveToKnow explained. “It is defined as the ceremony that initiates a child (or adult) into the Catholic faith and membership into the church, the holy body of the people of Christ.”

A baptism ceremony begins with the reception of the child into the church, followed by a scripture reading. Then, the priest “blesses the baptismal water, asks the parents to renounce sin and baptizes the child with water,” LoveToKnow said.

“The water signifies a belief that sins can be washed away. It also represents new life, deliverance from slavery, and new beginnings,” the website continued, adding that the water is poured on the baby’s head three times.

Once this has been done, the priest anoints the child with oil—”signifying the child is a Christian”—and the child is then dressed in a white christening gown. Finally, the priest says the Lord’s Prayer and blesses the child.

For baptism to be legitimate, the ceremony must be performed by a bishop, priest or deacon. However, The Arlington Catholic Herald says there are times in which a lay person can conduct an “emergency baptism,” though those baptisms are “licit only in very limited circumstances, such as when a person is in danger of death.”

As it turns out, the priest who performed u/Vibing_Jellybean’s brother’s baptism wasn’t “legitimate,” he was just someone u/Vibing_Jellybean’s aunt found online. With this in mind, u/Vibing_Jellybean’s mother has decided to let the whole ordeal go as a way to “get her sister off her back.”

Redditors React

At first, u/Vibing_Jellybean’s mother wanted her to apologize to her aunt and “undo” the witch baptism, but now she doesn’t really care. Redditors, meanwhile, said the witch baptism was hilarious and agreed u/Vibing_Jellybean’s aunt totally deserved it.

“You are one funny jellybean, full kudos to you. Perhaps she should have remembered that what goes around, comes around. And sometimes it goes splash,” u/TimTam_the_Enchanter wrote.

“I’M SCREAMING I LOVE THAT YOU DID THIS,” u/EffectiveComfort110 exclaimed.

“I’m fricken CACKLING over here. It’s just water—if she wants to pitch a fit, Auntie can enjoy the stupid prize she won from playing a stupid game,” u/TheDarkilingThrush said.

u/MissAnth added: “You are NTA [not the a**hole]. And you are hilarious. You could post this to r/pettyrevenge.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Vibing_Jellybean for comment.

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