Internet Backs Family Business Owners Refusing to Let Stepsister Work There

The internet has sided with a future restaurant owner for not letting their teenage step-sister work at their late mother’s restaurant, now owned by their maternal grandparents.

The post was shared on the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole by FluffyImpact7937 on Sunday, and has so far received over 13,000 likes and 3,000 comments in just two days.

In the post, FluffyImpact7937 explained that their mother, who died when they were four-years-old, owned a restaurant with her parents and that the agreement between them is that at some point down the line the poster and their brothers will become its legitimate owners, even though they already act as such.

The poster also explained that a few years after their mother died, their father remarried and had a child, who is currently a teenager.

FluffyImpact7937 continued saying that once their father remarried, their mother-in-law tried to adopt his children and take over any finances their late mother might have left them—but their grandparents objected and didn’t let that happen.

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Internet has backed a future restaurant owner for not allowing their step-sister to work there and one day take over as head chef. A stock image shows two waiters carrying food.
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Now that their step-sister is 15 years old and dreams of becoming a head chef, the poster and their siblings have been asked to employe their step-sister, and also her mother, who has long had claims to work at the restaurants, as head waitress.

“I told her that wouldn’t make sense since her mom isn’t related to my grandparents, the owners, and that ultimately, it’s my mom’s legacy for her children and how we’re trying to honor that. She said it was dumb,” the post read.

After the incident FluffyImpact7937 and their siblings refused both of them, and they are now facing bitterness from the family.

“My dad and his wife are so pissed we turned her down. They said she is OUR family and that should be what matters. It also brought some bitterness up about dad’s wife not being offered a place at the restaurant years ago. Seems there’s some weirdness because dad had worked alongside mom and my grandparents for a while when they were first married. AITA?”

According to data from Pew Research Center, about 16 percent of American children are living in what the Census Bureau calls “blended families,” meaning a household with a step-parent, step-sibling or half-sibling.

About 8 percent of them are living with either a stepmother or a stepfather, and 12 percent of them are living with step-siblings or half-siblings.

The internet didn’t hesitate to side with the future restaurant owner and their siblings. One user, who goes by the username mummamai, commented: “nta. your grandparents are the owners. you have no say. if she wants to be a chef great. your dad and step mum should help her. McDonald’s is a good place to start for her.”

Any_Cantaloupe_613 added: “And maybe culinary school first, if she wants to be a famous chef. Unless she is Gordon Ramsey in disguise. NTA.” And onelonelywhumperfly answered: “Gordon Ramsay disguising himself as a 15 year old girl. I’d watch that movi.” Suspicious-Treat-364 said: “Freaky Friday, but with Gordon Ramsey.”

Puzzleheaded-Desk399 commented: “NTA OP. step sister and step mother repeatedly dishonored the mother’s memory. Should read- HALF SISTER and stepmother.”

And meliocoilean agreed saying: “Stepmother has absolutely been hyping up ideas in her childs head. Why else would the child suggest her mother being given a job with a higher ranking title within the restaurant when she already doesn’t even work there and has tried finding sneaky ways to get OP and her sibs inheritance (because why else would you try to convince the grandparents to relinquish control to you).”

One user thought the girl should have had a better treatment.

SimplyMadeline said: “Not stepfamily. The 15 year old is half sister to the 3 older siblings. Seems like a pretty shitty way to treat a half sibling, even if you don’t care for your stepmother.” And Crazy_Turnip_8415 answered: “Yes. But as someone stated, the 15 yr old is in NO way related to the grandparents or OP’s mom.” Jaded_Ad2629 then added: “Well, Just because she was the dads nutsack product, she doesn’t have to be Family. That being Said: the Golddigger stepmom Kills it xD”

PearlsOfWisdom27 dropped one of his wisdom pearls right here: “This right here. No one is owed anything. Sis feels this is something she is entitled to and next thing you know she wants her ‘stake’ in it. This isnt HER family’s business and neither she or her mother belong working there in any capacity, whatsoever. Grandparents and siblings all agree. Case closed.”

Another user made an even more valid point, 1pinksquirrel1scotch said: “It’s a terrible business decision to hire family because they’re never just an employee. If you fire them, you have to deal with the backlash from family. If you keep them around when they should be fired, it damages the business. It’s just not a prudent move.”

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