Internet buzzes with ‘Papa removed you’

Being on social media platforms just for memes seems to be a true case of many individuals. The internet is full of memes often, be it on any topic. Thousands of memes are uploaded daily on several social media sites.

Recently, a meme template went viral on social media in which a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation was attached. ‘Papa removed you’ from the family group was seen in the picture.

Spotted several memes on ‘Papa removed you’? So, what’s it all about? This shows how Indian dads react when you do something disappointing. They don’t want to disown you completely but frequently remove you from the WhatsApp family group to show their displeasure with your crazy or cringe activities.

Netizens flooded social media sites with this meme template and shared hilarious things that happen in almost every Indian household. While others stated it’s a blessing.

Here are a few examples:

Published on: Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 01:20 PM IST


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