‘Internet drain’ blamed for parish-wide LUS Fiber outages Monday | News

“Internet drain” caused Lafayette Utilities System Fiber customers across Lafayette Parish to lose service Monday, some for hours.

LUS Fiber Director Ryan Meche confirmed Tuesday that many fiber customers lost service on Labor Day, but he said 95% were back up quickly.

In some cases, he said, workers had to respond to assist with reconnecting service.

LUS Fiber customers, as well as some AT&T customers, took to social media Monday to share stories. One reported losing LUS Fiber for at least 12 hours. Outages were reported in north Lafayette, the Youngsville area and near Acadiana Mall.

Consumers also reported hourslong waits when calling the LUS Fiber customer assistance line.

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The problem, Meche said, was a drain on a large AT&T data center, which smaller providers go through.

“If the big providers are down or overwhelmed,” he said, “It affects LUS.”

It’s a common thing and LUS Fiber reroutes around the affected area, Meche said.

He wasn’t able to say how many customers were affected by the event or what happened with AT&T.


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