Internet Slams ‘Absurd’ Taxes, Fees That Hiked Up Costs for Hotel Stay

A Reddit user was under the impression that spending the night at a hotel in Seattle would be set at a specific rate but additional fees and taxes caused a sharp incline.

Shared to the forum “Mildly Infuriating” by u/headache-ho on Sunday, the post has amassed nearly 19,000 votes.

“Was told parking would be $37,” read the title of the post.

Hotel Check Out
Above, a stock image of a hotel guest checking out of his room. A Reddit user shared the bill they received from a hotel stay, showing the fees and taxes that prompted a sharp increase in the final cost.

These types of fees, also known as “resort fees,” can range from $20 to $90, CBS News reported. The outlet said many hotels don’t “readily disclose” these fees while people make a reservation and some people are unaware of the fees even as they check in.

“Most travelers only find out about it when they check out—and discover how much their room really cost,” CBS reported, saying that guests rarely want the services included in the fees.

The Reddit post featured an image that offered a breakdown of the fees and charges associated with the Reddit user’s stay.

Overnight parking stood at $37, but additional fees, including parking taxes and the overall sales tax caused the fee to increase.

While those upped the price of the bill by about $13, the culprit behind the major increase was a $24.95 “amenity fee.”

The Redditor was expected to pay about $75 in total fees.

Fellow Redditors took their thoughts to the comments section, some of whom joked about the numerous taxes that were added to the base fee.

“What about [snack] tax? Luncheon tax? Afternoon tea tax? Dinner tax? Supper tax?” a Redditor quipped.

“And the living tax and breathing tax,” another Redditor commented.

Others, however, were stunned by the final cost.

“I mean taxes are taxes,” one Reddit user wrote. “So long as they are all real government taxes and not misnamed fees, that happens. But the amenity fee that basically doubles the price is absurd and should be contested.”

“Feel like the amenity fee being 70% of the cost to park is straight up theft by itself,” a comment read.

“I would dispute this with the credit card company,” a Reddit user wrote. “Fees should not double the quoted price.”

Another questioned whether the amenity fee covered a hotel guest’s time at the spa or another facility.

“Their response re the amenity fee: ‘The daily amenity fee is listed separately from the room rate to clarify its purpose, it’s to help mitigate expenses for the amenities provided with your stay (coffee water tea, high speed wifi, etc.),'” u/headache-ho said. “I didn’t even connect to wifi or drink the coffee, lol.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/headache-ho for further comment.

Other online posts have also sparked heavy commentary.

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