Internet Slams Aunt for ‘Rude’ Question About Marriage: ‘Out of Line’

The internet is offering up judgment over a viral situation, praising a woman’s response to a very personal question while also slamming her aunt for being “out of line.”

The now-viral Reddit post recounting events, titled, “AITA for embarrassing my aunt when she pressed about me getting married,” has been upvoted 10,500 times since it was shared on May 16 to the subreddit “Am I The A**hole” by Redditor @moosesanddave.

The original poster (OP) is a 21-year-old female who is also a lesbian and in a relationship. However, her 48-year-old aunt doesn’t know anything about it, and she’s also quite “traditional.” The poster said her aunt has the mindset that all women should have children and also get married and become housewives. The OP admitted she can’t “conform to her standard,” and her aunt keeps bothering her about it now that she’s 21. However, she said she just brushes it off.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57.4 percent of women were a part of the labor force in 2019. This is an increase from 57.1 percent the year previously.

Throughout history, women were forced to be stay-at-home mothers and wives, but times have changed. Women can now go to school and become college-educated, earning their own accolades, and becoming integral members of the workforce.

Statista reported that since 1998, the average age of a woman getting married for the first time has increased. In 2019, the median age of a woman during her first marriage was 28.4 years old. In 1998, the average age was 25.

Recently, the OP was at a family gathering where her aunt was also in attendance.

“It went on for a couple [of] hours, and then we all sat down [at] a table to have lunch,” the OP revealed. “My aunt was sitting almost directly opposite me, and there were 15 other people there. In the middle of the meal, everybody got quieter (to eat). My aunt saw this as the perfect opportunity to ask me:

“Hey (OP), Do you want to get married nowadays?”

The Redditor revealed that in the moment, her brain honed in on something, and she responded in the “loudest” most “disgusted” way: “Ew, no.”

Everyone was silent, and her aunt become “slightly offended” with the Redditor asking further, “Why?”

The OP replied back with a joke: “Because you’re my aunt!”

The reaction wasn’t what the Redditor had expected, and only two people actually laughed. However, her cousins chimed in saying how their aunt is always “pestering” them all about getting married.

“Later, after the gathering, my aunt sent many angry WhatsApp texts to me, saying how she was just asking a plain question, and that I had no right to humiliate her like I did,” the OP added. “Am I the a**hole?”

Woman holding her mouth
The internet is slamming an aunt for her “rude” question about marriage. Here, a woman holding her hands to her mouth.

Over 600 comments poured in over the viral post, and people were fully supporting the OP in the situation while bashing her aunt for asking the question in the first place. Many even praised the woman for her “dad joke.”

More than a few people admitted they would have laughed if they had been there. “NTA [not the a**hole],” a Redditor said. “My family would have cracked up at that. Aunt needs to mind her own business and stop asking personal questions.”

Another user believed the OP isn’t the one at fault, adding that her aunt “didn’t respect” her “boundaries or identity,” adding, “a lighthearted deflection instead of getting into a verbal brawl with her over the last straw of publicly pressuring you to conform is much kinder than I would have been.”

Some questioned how the OP’s aunt could feel humiliated or embarrassed over the joke the OP made. “NTA, and it was such a dorky, silly, average elementary school joke that it took all the wind out of her sales without being remotely unkind,” a Redditor said. “She’s imagining she was disrespected.”

One user thought the joke was a “dodge” that kept a conversation from happening that could have become much more “difficult and hurtful for both. She has no business prying and is the AH [a**hole] here harassing everyone about their very private, big life decisions that she or anyone else should not have a say in.”

While one Redditor said they felt the OP’s aunt is the one who’s “out of line,” adding they are “so sick of older people thinking they can say whatever they want to young people, and the young ones have to take it out of ‘respect.’ I hope Auntie learns to shut up and back off.”

Another user reasoned the OP made an “inoffensive joke” in response to a “very personal, rude, and public question. [You] handled it like a star. Also, who on earth is asking that sort of question of a 21-year-old? It’s not 1952. Blows my mind.”

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @moosesanddave for comment.

This isn’t the only viral post involving families and relationships. A woman was backed for hiding her pregnancy and baby from her entire family. The internet fully supported a man who farted to help his girlfriend. In addition, a woman and her husband were slammed for posting about a boy’s circumcision online.


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