Internet users surge to 152 million -NCC


The number of internet users in Nigeria’s telecom market has increased to 152 million as the nation achieves its first success with the rollout of its 5G network.

997,489 new internet subscribers joined the country’s network between June and July 2022, this is according to data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC which oversees the network infrastructure.

This comes as the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy hopes that as part of its digital economy strategy, broadband penetration and internet subscriptions will increase.


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Broadband penetration rose to 44.9 per cent in July, up from 44.32. per cent month on month.

In July 2021, Nigeria’s broadband penetration was 39.79 per cent.

Nigeria’s active lines increased to 208.97 million during the period, up from 206.45 million active lines in June 2022.

According to NCC data for 2021, Nigeria had 187.81 million active lines in July.

With an 18.44 contribution to the GDP in the second quarter of 2022, the ICT sector—which includes the telecom industry among others—is one of the fastest growing.


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