iPhone gets battery percent meter and internet goes CRAZY! Check out these hilarious tweets

iOS 16 update brings the battery percent meter to iPhones and most iPhone users go crazy with their reactions on social media. Know all about it here.

iOS 16 is still a work in progress and as the new beta versions keep coming, we get to see the new features that will grace the iPhone in the coming weeks. Surprisingly, the latest beta of iOS 16 brings an experimental feature that has got the Internet pumped up. No, it is not a customisable homescreen similar to Android – it is a battery percent meter! iPhone users around the world are overjoyed to see the battery percent meter making it back to the iPhone. The feature is a simple one but it seems to have made quite an impact on regular iPhone users.

Based on the screenshots shared by users who are trying out the developer beta of iOS 16, the battery percent meter is back on the iPhone, albeit with a few changes. Similar to several Android phones, the battery icon now consists of the percentage text. On the iPhone models with the display notch, this allows one to have a battery meter and the percentage sign along with the Wi-Fi status icon and others.

iPhone gets battery meter back with iOS 16

The battery percentage meter can be enabled by heading into the Settings app and from the Battery section. Sadly, unlike Android, users won’t be able to choose the style of the battery meter. That said, users will no longer need to swipe down the Control Center every time to keep an eye on the battery life.

There is a catch though – not all iPhone models will be getting the battery percentage feature. So far, iOS 16 beta users have found this feature only on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and all other new iPhone models, except for the following ones – iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 11. Some iPhone XR users have also complained for not seeing the feature.

Hence, it seems that the battery percent meter will only come to the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone models that feature the OLED display.

Obviously, the internet was ready to share its opinion in hilarious ways. “Biggest Breakthrough in Our Lifetimes: iOS 16 Will Have Battery Percentage OH MY GOD,” says FrontPageTech. “Apple adds battery percentage in the battery icon on iOS 16 beta 5 and everyone blows their mind (smiley emoji) it’s the simple things in life they say,” said another user. But the most hilarious one has to be the following one.


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