Issue causing internet disruption being investigated: PTA – Tech

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said on Friday that an “issue” had been reported in the data networks between the South and North regions, adding that it was being investigated.

“As reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL), [an] issue has been reported in data networks between South and North which is causing internet connectivity issues.

“This issue is being investigated. The PTA is monitoring the situation and further updates will be shared,” the authority said.

The statement came after users across the country reported facing internet outages, with #internetdown being one of the top trends on Twitter around 11am.

For its part, PTCL stated that its optical fiber network was “experiencing some technical faults” due to heavy rains and floods.

“As a result, PTCL users in northern and central regions are facing [an] internet outage. Our teams are working to restore the services on priority,” the statement said.

In May, internet disruptions were reported across the country amid speculations that the government had suspended the services because of protests organised by ousted prime minister Imran Khan.

However, the PTA had denied taking any such decision and clarified that internet provider Transworld was facing slight degradation.

Prior to this, internet services across Pakistan suffered in February after one of the two undersea cables operated by TransWorld was damaged near Karachi.


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