Jake Paul Keeps ‘Bullsh*t Aside’ in Hopes of Breaking ‘The Internet’ With Rival KSI

Professional boxers are no longer the only ones who engage in boxing. Even online personalities and other celebrities have given the sport a shot, and as a result, they have grown to be crucial players in it. Jake Paul and KSI, rivals who frequently criticize each other online, have served as the faces of celebrity boxing matches.

Paul, who has often criticized KSI, has now praised the British player for his recent success.


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Jake Paul took to Twitter and wrote, “Bullsh*t aside, the PPV business ain’t easy. Congrats to KSI and his boxing company. Those are great numbers. The day we finally settle this, it will break the internet and do some big PPV numbers on Showtime. I’m ready as soon as he feels he is.” 

Following this, KSI responded, “Yeah this is cap. I can literally see your numbers and ours. We beat your last fight by a HUGE amount ppv-wise. Even with your team trying hard to sabotage the event and me having to fight 2 randoms last minute. We are not the same”

It has been months since the two YouTubers who are now boxers engaged in online sparring. The two even made plans for a fight in the near future a while back. Although there haven’t been any official announcements regarding it yet, it frequently comes up in discussions among fans.

Jake Paul is set to go up again former UFC champion Anderson Silva next 

‘The Problem Child’ was supposed to face Tommy Fury on August 6th, at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. However, the latter pulled out of the fight and Hasim Rahman Jr. came as a replacement. But even that bout got canceled. Paul has been looking for opponents since, and now he has finally found one. 


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Recently, UFC legend Anderson Silva got his boxing license from Arizona, which has convinced fans that he did it to fight Jake Paul. The latter has an age advantage over the 47-year-old Brazilian, but Silva’s experience and fighting prowess might be a problem for Paul. 


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The two will square off inside the ring on October 29th in Phoenix, Arizona, but only time will tell how the fight plays out. Meanwhile, what do you think about Paul and KSI’s remarks? Let us know in the comments below.


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