Keyshia Cole And Antonio Brown Dating Drama Has The Internet Talking

Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown “dating” drama has the Internet talking. Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown have a new single out called, “Don’t Leave.” It looks like their relationship may be more than just music. They did a video for the song and Keyshia Cole shared photos of Antonio Brown with the caption, “Missing Him A Lot.”

Keyshia Cole also has “AB” tattooed on her and posted an Instagram story about AB disrespecting her. Since she shared photos of him with that caption AND has a tattoo with his initials, the Internet has been speculating about their relationship, cracking jokes and, well, being the Internet.













Keyshia Cole also spoke to a celebrity stylist, EJ King about the situation, according to SideAction. Cole said, “I think he made it very clear. He was like, you know, ‘Baby I liked you at first, but now I don’t’—it’s like a no. So I think that’s maybe just what it is,” she said, among much more.

How do y’all feel about Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown? Is she doing too much or should we just mind our business? Let us know below.


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