Kid’s Makeshift Bulldozer Impresses Internet, They Want To Sponsor His Education

Innovation is a gift for mankind. It can solve problems that are a result of the lack of resources. It makes you realise that you don’t need a degree or expensive equipment at your disposal to achieve something that might be a problem-solver.

Sometimes, people make excuses to curtain their inability or lack of skills. Engineering marvels, however, do not require money, resources, or any equipment if you are intelligent enough. A video on Twitter showing a kid operating a DIY bulldozer has gone viral. The bulldozer has no engine and is only made up of wooden sticks.

The 30-second-long video shows a supposed teenager operating a bulldozer made of wooden sticks. The makeshift bulldozer works perfectly and that too without an engine, wheels, or any control system. It purely works based on lever systems and successfully does its job of digging and dropping. All it has is a seat and two handles to control its operations. The video is a demonstration of how the bulldozer works.

Since being published on September 2, the video has gathered over 20 lakh views in the past three days. More than 55.9k likes and innumerable comments are proof that the video has taken Twitter by storm. People in the comments appreciated the child’s brains and wanted others to sponsor his education.

A comment read – “Support him through his career as this support will help the person in courage which will take him to a higher level someday. Don’t know how many days will be given to this work. Finally, I realized that “Hard work never goes unrewarded.”

Another user wrote – “Someone needs to find that kid and sponsor an engineering education.”

A third user commented, “What this kid could be able to do if he´d live in a place where his intelligence can be appreciated! Keep going kid, you´ll conquer the stars if you keep going the right way and God allows you to be at the right place and moment to get an opportunity…”

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