Kitten That Looks Like a Gremlin Has Internet Obsessed: ‘Adorable’

An eight-week-old kitten has delighted and amused the internet after his owners shared two pictures of him on Reddit.

Chance and his wife live in Oregon with their new kitten, an Exotic Longhair Persian named Sméagol. On Wednesday, Chance shared a picture of the small cat after a bath, in which he bore a striking resemblance to a gremlin.

The 1984 movie Gremlins, written by Chris Columbus, is a cult classic that was inspired by a vermin infestation in Columbus’s New York apartment. Featuring little monsters that were portrayed in the film by a series of animatronic puppets, the pop-culture favorite is still enjoyed by viewers around the world.

Referencing the movie, one Reddit user commented: “Make sure he doesn’t get wet, and absolutely under no circumstances should you feed him after midnight,” to which another user noted that they may have “already failed” after seeing the first image of the cat post bath time.

‘Bit of an Accident’

Chance told Newsweek: “Since his little legs are so short and his butt is so fluffy, he had a bit of an accident involving the litter box. After a good scrub and a bum trim, he was just so precious I felt compelled to post the before and after pictures everywhere.”

“Good lord your cat is a delight,” wrote another commenter. While one Reddit user said: “Both of those pics are peak mood lmao.”

The Central California SPCA (CCSPCA) says that as a general rule cats don’t usually need to endure bath time. But there are exceptions, for example, if your pet gets into something that smells bad, becomes uncomfortably dirty or sticky thanks to sap, mud or oil or picks up bugs in its fur.

There can also be reasons that cats need a little help bathing, depending on their breed. The CCSPCA says that cats with particularly long hair—for example, Persians—may need some extra help with grooming, and at the other end of the spectrum those with less or no fur—like the Sphynx—also need periodic baths to remove body oils.

In April, another cat captured viral attention after a visit to the grooming salon. Posted on TikTok, the video of the cat accepting his fate during a full groom left viewers in stitches. Meanwhile, another cat was branded “so dramatic” after a viral video of two-year-old Scottish Fold Munchkin cat Fitz having his claws clipped gained millions of views.

“He looks like an animal villain in a kids movie,” said another Reddit user after seeing the pictures of Sméagol: “Adorable.”

Another commenter wrote: “I’m obsessed. I would love to see more pictures of this little cutie!”

Chance told Newsweek: “I was surprised how quickly the post gained traction, but I’m not shocked by the reaction. I mean, just look at him.”

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Sméagol the kitten
Sméagol the kitten before and after his bath. The cat’s resemblance to a Gremlin has delighted the internet.


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