Madden 23: The best glitches the internet has on offer

My favorite yearly tradition is back: Madden glitches. Players unlocked the game at midnight (or earlier if they bought the expensive edition) and we’re already seeing some simply incredible goofs.

Clyde Edwards-Hilaire’s footwork is next level!

Taking a leisurely stroll around the field for a touchdown

Inside all of us is a person constantly on their cell phone


Indianapolis: The city in the sky

It’s not a glitch … but it’s still HILARIOUS

Play from the nosebleeds

Practice? We talkin’ ‘bout practice?

I know everyone is all angsty about glitches. I totally understand. You wait all year for a game, put down good money — then find out it’s still a bug-filled mess. There’s a couple of things to consider here: Firstly, EVERY game these days is buggy a hell. It’s a product of quick development cycles paired with easy patching. The result is almost every game ends up shipping with something broken, and then it’s fixed later. Secondly, at least EA seems like they’re trying to fight the bugs quickly this year. The poor folks at the EA Help Twitter account are chasing down every bug posted and trying to get them fixed — which has to be the worst job in the world today.

Until then, we’ll laugh at moments like these … because they’re hilarious.


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