Man’s Post About His Wife’s Battle With Cancer Moves Internet

'A Lesson In Fighting With Grace': Man's Post About His Wife's Battle With Cancer Moves Internet

Zahra Khan was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma.

An internet user from Pakistan recently shared about his wife’s battle with cancer and how she also doing a job and running her own-part time business while fighting the deadly disease. 

Taking to LinkedIn, Babar Shaikh revealed that his wife Zahra Khan was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, a highly malignant breast cancer, in January earlier this year. He shared how he and his wife got unconditional support from their workplaces during Ms Zahra’s cancer battle. 

He said that his wife had a full-time job, a budding business and he was also transitioning into a new job. Mr Babar shared how in the midst of all this, they had to vacate their home and move in with their in-laws because of the extra care that his wife needed. 

“A nerve-wracking 6 months of chemotherapy saw her lose her hair, not function for days after a chemo session, lose her taste of food or water for days on end and was general fatigue and lethargy,” Mr Babar wrote in the post. 

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He explained that despite all the challenges, his wife didn’t allow her reality to change her life. She continued her job even though she took a sabbatical at first. Ms Zahra also grew her cheesecake business manifold and her social media presence increased four times, all from the confines of her bed. 

“A lesson in fighting with grace, if there was ever one,” Mr Babar said. 

He added, “Another lesson here is of support. Our families, our friends AND our teams at work. We found an over flow of kindness, from close ones as well as people we were barely acquainted with. A humbling reminder that there is so much good in this world.”

Further, Mr Babar spoke about the determination of his partner not just about fighting the disease but also to continue her office and business amid it all. “Compassion and kindness, at home and at work, go a long way. Everyones fighting their battles, lets create systems that can make it just a tad bit easier for them,” he concluded his post.

Mr Babar even shared images of him and his wife and their transition during the difficult period. The post garnered more than 66,000 likes and hundreds of reshares. “There indeed is good in the world 🙂 So glad both you and Zahra were so strong throughout this. I myself have experienced that mental strength is a huge factor in curing an illness,” one user wrote. 

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“We got ourselves a 7 pizza and 1 large cheesecake pickup from you guys just last week. And came across this post today. The pizzas and the cheesecake were heavenly, and considering THIS is the story that runs parallel to that home kitchen, I am truly amazed at how far you both have come and how inspiring your story has become! Kudos to you both for sticking it up to cancer! Keep rocking both of you,” wrote another.

“Empathy and compassion are two strong leadership traits overlooked for a very long time,” said third. 

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