New DuckDuckGo privacy ad shows how it makes sure internet trackers are DuckDuckGone

Privacy-oriented search engine and browser outfit DuckDuckGo has shared a new ad that highlights how it works to protect users from having their data collected by other companies, including Google.

The new ad, which is similar to one that Apple recently shared about iPhone privacy and data brokers, will air on televisions nationwide across the United States, while a radio component will also be part of the campaign.

In the new ad we see people going about their lives, using the internet on their devices. Backed by a modified version of Every Breath You Take by The Police, the ad shows that every tap, click, and search people carry out is tracked by companies like Google. The ad then suggests that people should download the DuckDuckGo app and use that to browse the internet instead, using its built-in privacy tools to block trackers at the source.

Are you tired of companies like Google and Facebook watching everything you do online? There’s a simple solution: DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is an all-in-one privacy app with a built in private search engine, web browser, email protection, one-click data clearing, and more — all for free.

Google and other companies collect information on what websites we visit, what we search for, and more. That information is then either used for in-house things like ads or sold to other companies to help them build a profile about us or our demographics. Apple and companies like DuckDuckGo are working to make it more difficult for them to do that without our knowledge.

Apple already offers a ton of privacy protections via its own Safari browser as well, but those who want to use an all-in-one solution — as DuckDuckGo calls it— can download the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser app from the App Store now. It’s free and is probably one of the best iPhone apps for people who want to browse the internet with confidence that their searches and taps aren’t being sold to the highest bidder.

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