New York woman’s upside-down catwalk in swimming pool wins internet

Doing a catwalk can be hard for many as it requires practice and the right body movement. But not many would think of doing a catwalk in water, and that too upside down. A woman just slayed it and has won the internet with her upside-down catwalk in a swimming pool.

The clip shared on Instagram by user kristimakusha shows the woman, wearing heels, walking upside down in the pool. She flips and picks up a handbag, wears it and keeps walking forward.

Watch the video here:

The woman’s gravity-defying feat has struck a chord among netizens. “The Devil Wears Prada You can also ROTATE your phone for better angle,” read the caption of the post.

A user commented, “The upside down walk was soo cool!!” Another user wrote, “casually strolling in Prada under water.” A third user wrote, “You are sooo gooood! You kept me wondering how do you do what you did in the water!”

Since being shared in July this year, the video has amassed more than 1.8 million views and more than 18 lakh likes on Instagram. Kristimakusha’s Instagram bio says she is a world champion in synchronized swimming, an underwater dancer and performer from New York. Her Instagram account has many such astounding videos.


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