Newest Facebook Feed Glitch Has The Internet In Stitches (35 Reactions)

No king rules forever—and no social media website is immune to bugs, glitches, and hacks! Something weird is happening over on Facebook, and it’s confused the heck out of thousands. Some users have reported a bizarre glitch affecting their social media feeds.

Specifically, users reported seeing posts from absolutely random people they don’t know leaving comments on celebrity pages that they don’t follow themselves. Internet users took to other sites like Twitter to share their experiences, and we’ve collected the funniest and most on-point reactions to the whole spectacle.

Scroll down and upvote the reactions you thought were the best, Pandas. Have you personally been affected by the Facebook celebrity glitch? What do you think of users taking this opportunity to say ‘hi’ to random stars and to post memes on their pages? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Comedy writer and Twitter veteran Ariane Sherine shared her thoughts about the celeb glitch with Bored Panda. “Twitter, I always think, is the funniest network. Its character limit means it’s best suited to wit. And opinions, of course—and people wanted to exercise both this morning,” she shared why people flooded the network due to the problems with Facebook.

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