T-Mobile Rolls Out 5G Home Internet In 64 New Cities

T-Mobile‘s 5G Home Internet service is rolling out in more places in the US. The company Tuesday announced that the broadband service is coming to 64 cities across six Northeastern states. These include Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. T-Mobile says more than three million households in these states don’t have access to home broadband internet.

According to the official announcement, this expansion will cover nine million more US households with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Launched in April 2021, the service is already available to over 40 million American houses. T-Mobile reported 1.5 million active Home Internet customers during its Q2 2022 earnings call. It was the fastest growing broadband service for the third quarter in a row.

“As we’ve seen quarter after quarter, people are desperate for a new option in home broadband,” T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Katz said announcing the latest expansion. “With 5G Home Internet, we’re delivering just that.”

T-Mobile continues to expand the coverage of its Home Internet service

T-Mobile has rapidly expanded the coverage of its 5G Home Internet service. A few months back, it rolled out the service in 81 cities and towns across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The company is now bringing it to even more locations.

Alongside this expansion, T-Mobile is also focusing on making broadband service available in rural areas. A third of its Home Internet customers are based in rural areas. The company last month launched a new Home Internet Lite plan to bring broadband internet nationwide. The Lite version has some limitations over the full-fledged service, though. Most notably, it comes with a data cap, offering 100GB of high-speed internet per month for the same price of $50.

The regular Home Internet service gives you unlimited high-speed internet for your household at $50 per month. It’s a flat rate, with no taxes, activation fee, equipment cost, or even price hike. The system is completely wireless and you can get started within 15 minutes. You even get to trial T-Mobile’s Home Internet service for free before committing to it. And if you’re switching from another provider, the company will cover early contract termination cost up to $500.

Citing a 2021 study by BroadbandNow, T-Mobile states that more than 42 million people in the US are without access to broadband services. Calling it “a disaster,” the self-proclaimed Un-carrier says that it is here to help clean up this mess. Hopefully, the company will remain true to its word.


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