Taylor Swift Breaks the Internet, Delivers “Cringe” Speech

Taylor Swift can now be recognized as Dr. Taylor Swift.

The popular singer and songwriter has notched eight No. 1s on the Billboard Top 100 with countless hits inside the Top 100 and has won the Grammy for Best Album three times for Fearless, 1989, and Folklore. 

Photo of Taylor Swift.
Credit: Taylor Swift

From early hits like “Love Story,” “Fearless,” “Enchanted,” and “You Belong With Me” to many newer songs like “Cardigan,” “Betty,” and every in between from the Speak Now, Red, 1989reputation, and evermore albums, Swift has amassed a legion of loyal fans, noted as ‘Swifties.’

Swift was named the commencement speaker at New York University and given an honorary doctorate of fine arts to celebrate with the Class of 2022 this week.

“I’m 90% sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called ’22’,” she joked.

Taylor Swift NYU Graduation
Credit: ABC News

During her speech, Swift offered three points for life advice to the NYU graduates: “Decide what is yours to hold, and let the rest go,” “learn to live alongside cringe,” and “never be ashamed of trying—effortlessness is a myth.”

“I was a teenager at a time when our society was absolutely obsessed with the idea of having perfect young female role models,” Swift said. “It was all centered around the idea that mistakes equal failure, and ultimately the loss of any chance at a happy or rewarding life. This has not been my experience. My experience has been that my mistakes led to the best things in my life…Getting canceled on the internet and nearly losing my career gave me an excellent knowledge of all the types of wine.”

Prior to the graduation, NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music also featured an entire course on Taylor Swift this year, taught by Rolling Stone writer Brittany Spanos. The course covered Swift’s rise to pop stardom, as well as her public persona.

Taylor Swift’s film folklore: the long pond studio sessions can be streamed on Disney+.

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