Tennessee Cat Giving Sheep A Relaxing Massage Wins the Internet

Everyone wants to have a best friend that they can talk to or hang out with or that will give them relaxing massages right?!  Watch a Tennessee Cat give her BFF sheep a massage.


Waffles the sheep is pretty darn sweet.  She’s the girl everyone wants to be friends with because she is so nice to everyone.  Waffles is quite friendly with her animal friends and seems to have never met a stranger.

This is the day Waffles met Maple the horse.  She is very curious about all other animals.

Here are a few of her other friends Paisley, Diego, and Tex.


Luci the cat is quite fond of Waffles in fact they are the very best of friends.  Luci and Waffles are both rescue animals.  From the time they met, they have been almost inseparable.

Luci has a special talent for giving great massages and Waffles is all too happy to let Luci practice her work on her.  Luci is so good at what she does her and Waffles went viral for a video of the two of them hanging out on the farm while Luci gave Waffles a massage.  It’s too cute not to share.

Their owner McKenna says they are the best of friends and literally have loved each other since they met.


Has your cat ever jumped on top of you while you are laying in bed and kneaded your chest?  Every cat that I have ever owned has been one to knead.   I always wondered why they did this and then I had a veterinarian friend tell me one reason was that they are happy and showing you they are content.

I decided to see what other reasons they might knead.  According to PetMD;

  • simulates when they were kittens and milking
  • to stretch their muscles
  • to mark their owners
  • to show they are happy

These are just a few of the reasons I’ve found.  I would assume Luci is really happy with her friend Waffles and wants to show her love and appreciation.



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